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Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 these are simply gorgeous!! congratulations! shell? how did you find out about your sizing? did you already own any rider shoes by time of ordering? quick comparison to c&j? thanks T
get the one rach promoted in his thread, i bought it as well, i think it is incredible value for the price and looks really nice!! and it has something more modern, as PG suggested. it is only available in brown...but i guess that is what you are searching for anyways... if you´re interested in inside/detail pictures i may provide some over the weekend...
the last pic is to illustrate that the OP does not know "how to handle these babies". but how deep did you dig to come up with this thread, dude?
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER I asked about the color. THE COLOR GODAMIT. this forum is useless. so...i thought it was about the colour. . . . i feel so sorry for myself having joined this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by citoyen i think the following link will lead you to the original manufacturer of the shoes you originally posted. as for the shoe itself i dont think it is ugly...the colour...yes. i agree with the haters: no! http://www.riverjunction.com/catalog.../mensshoe.html you might consider the Red Wing Iron Ranger (random google link) as well. Calm down now, guys. you help no one, when puking in other´s...
Quote: Originally Posted by Acipenser The 236 last is shorter than the 341 last, but only slightly. Taking your feedback into account, I guess the 318 last is not really an elongated last? nah, the 318 is everything else than an elongated last. Angelic: the DARTMOUTH is a 3(?) eyelet derby/blucher on the 318 last.
definately shorter than the 348 in the same size and a bit shorter than the 341. I didnt compare it to the 236 though. It always reminds me a bit of the 337 last (handgrade last), but being a little more clinched in the toe area. what i thought, when i tried them on, was that they seem to bit a tad narrower than the 341 in direct comparison. thus being so little i would NOT recommend sizing up on your regular size. t.
a hunting jacket?
you know rs232, this is quite a helpful answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatsEyes .. favourite pairs of shoes. ... these bloody creatures ALWAYS know, what you do like best and destroy particularly this one first.
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