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yfyf, i think you nearly alwasy post very nice pictures with very nice combinations but let me say that the third suit you posted is really ill-fitting (at least in my opinion). the shape looks weird and it does not do you a favour. plus on the last picture the tie looks outworn and it seems not being equal in quality with your suit(s). on the other hand the suit looks very nice, perhaps the jacket could be a little longer. perhaps its the angle. regards, citoyen
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday The herpetic lesions give way to leprosy thanks doc, i liked that one best...funny. okay, then i will resist this time, because you don´t seem the only one having had bad experience...so you saved my money at least! regards, citoyen
can anybody tell me how the made in italy polo shoes fit? true to size? if i have an 7,5 UK in, say, C&J, will i have to take an 8,5 US polo? i am just being curious......i saw gvh also ships to europe...at the current exchange rate it is getting tempting. ah, what do you say to polo made in italy in terms of quality? recommended? never touched one. thx and regards, citoyen, becoming a fellow member..
great! this is so....fanatic! congratulations to everyone who scored. i´m glad being a student and having no money to participate in such a run it was nice to read though. regards, citoyen
i thought i could show-off my beautiful tie and once again post in this thread. apologies for not showing an entire outfit but the photo is "from my archives" and then i took only a shot from the torso. i do not remember the trousers but i think they were "bleu". shoes brown as usual... regards, citoyen
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Misspelling. Meant to say "positively." oh, embarassing/funny. then it is just me. thanks Quote: Originally Posted by el Guapo WOngO! this tie is great!! Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan ^^^ Well, I'd like to know what you don't like about mine. You don't like the tie, or don't like it with the outfit? What would you wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by tonup277 anyone have a photo of these on their feet? i'm used to sleeker, bit pointier shoes...and my perception of bluchers is that they tend to look chunky on the feet. i own this pair in brown calf (it is exact the same colour) and it is one of my favourite shoes although i am used to sleeker shoes as well. i think the 341 last is very underrated. it looks so great. if this shoe is your size i say go for...
great thread! here is my contribution: regards, citoyen
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton ^^^ I am stunned. I postively hate red jackets -- hold them in contempt even -- but that looks absolutely great. Love the tie, too. Perfect choice. JLibourel, you were right! I am sorry! Thank you for the compliment. I did not expect - nor did i intent - to convince anybody of a red jacket. Actually it is a velvet bordeaux one, i dont know if this aspect comes out in the picture. Anyways, it is...
Hi there. As i was searching for some clothing related words on the internet a few weeks ago i came across this amazing forum and spent some time...this is enough said I think i might stay. Therefore i would like to post my first posting in this thread and introduce myself by joining the contest. Okay, i´m a student and i´m here to learn. But i hope i can contribute to styleforum. Citoyen
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