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wow, thank you guys. i knew a question concerning alcohol would produce some answers, but the variety of recommendations is as wide as tastes go. very nice. i will give him a nice little list, and we will see what he is able to get in between appointments. since i am no beer guy and the relation of vol% to weight with beer is quite not THAT, i think i will let him drink the beer in Canada and tell me what it was like... Quote: Originally Posted by...
thanks for answering so quickly, guys. the indian summer wine. zinfandel? ama: could you compare the crown royal 16 to anything similar, scottish, preferably?
a friend of mine is coming home from canada in a couple of weeks. i wanted him to bring home some special stuff. did some searching, only came across "Crown Royal" Whiskey and a seemingly awful single malt. cant remember the name though. So could you guys help me out and tell me, what is the most special / best / rarest / whatever spirit, preferably only available in canada? he lives in the toronto area, if this will help digging up some of the real special cool...
i like the peal/AS wingtip double monks, especially in brown. nice collection. you definately need more chelseas/boots. medical student?
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo i like the shoes and i love the shoe tree. who´s the maker? Quote: Originally Posted by DapperDave Received my new Chukkas today: Grenson Masterpiece for Paul Stuart. I have several pairs of dress boots but this is my first dressier chukka. They should look great with some antiquing. usually i´m not fond of grenson´s. but these look quite good. almost 360ish (c&j...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor Wore this again. looks really good. streets need more young people wearing hats. Quote: Originally Posted by Brucky Well, your stuff is so out there that it borders on costume, really. I assume you tone it down for going out in public. out there: yes. costume: no Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor No. What I post online is what I wear on the...
are these the shoes, made in the (former) alfred sargent facility? MTO as in MTM-MTO or as in C&J-MTO? very nice, indeed. first picture, whats the strange reflection on the right shoe´s toe cap? water? or did you salivate on it whilst unpacking? t
snow can be fun! happy new year to everyone!! t
^ i would not care if men´s/women´s. if you like and think they fit. buy. perhaps they are women´s.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Arrived where ? at Big Timer´s Square. but seriously...what´s all the talking about him being german? never seen such a german live. that said, i´m german. t
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