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Alright! No kaepernick then, Right!? Maybe i should take a Black one, i remember him Wearing the dark Red thing... Thankyou so far!
Hi there a close relative is a huge 49ers fan. Everything i know about American Football is: it exists. And i know there ist the SF 49ers team. So call me ignorant and everything, but please help I would like to give him a cool team jersey, preferably one, you can't come by in europe. It doesn't have to be signed or anything, but something his 49ers peers would envy him (okay, just a little bit...) --- maybe something NOS vintage? i googled around and there seems to be...
thank you! there seem to be lots of liquer stores around her place, but checking every single one for that particular whisky is useless... so thankyou for the brief notice citoyen
*push* anyone? not even a recommendation for a rare only-to-buy-local whiskey? ty c
hi there, quick question in hope for a quick answer: i´d like my sister-in-law, staying in the manhattan area at the moment, to collect me a bottle of above whisky. so is there anybody out there who can recommend a whisky dealer who sells it? any other recommendations for a rare/special new york whisky to add to a nice collection? thanks citoyen
YOOXLOVESTEMPERLEY gave me free delivery yesterday. worked in germany.
This is one, i´d buy if in need of one: And, if i´d be a big-spender, obviously. Other than that you might consider Bill Amberg: . citoyen damn, re-read your post. over-read "a few folders" the first time. sorry. anyways, the above are nice looking bags
cuttingboard: you´ll have to know your size in at least one c&j last to get a fairly accurate comparison. I´d say C&J are true to size. I only once sized up to my "usual" size which i´m taking across all manufacturers, that was with LUDWIG REITER - i sized up a full size. back to your question: know your size with C&J, then go shopping online. or try on one of the other usual suspects (lobb, green, cheaney, trickers, you name it) and start a comparison thread after...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker The toe box is a little longer on the 348, so it might fit you better than the 341. I'm a size 8 (UK) in the C&Js I've tried. The 348 was a little too long for me, the 341 is better. Both have pointed (tapered?) toes whereas the 236 has a rounder toe. The 236 may have more room width-wise for your piggies. full agreement, here. i own shoes on 236 and 341 last and sometime want to buy a chukka on 348 last...
the Silverstone Chukkas are great. Look like an absolutely wearable version of a similar, but way too gaudy and pointy Santoni last.
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