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Business PhDs do pretty well.
semiconductor fabs
6AM... Not because I have to, but because I prefer to. Usually get to work somewhere between 8-9.. Unless I'm traveling or have one of my favorite 6/7AM calls.
Can't stress this enough.Learn to be successful on your own terms.
ugh @ people who measure their position in life by type/# of cars they drive, money they can save, "nice things" they can afford. Grow the fuck up.
By the way, there was just a recent article based on recent academic research stating that in general, intelligence tests are very much learnable and it's possible to improve one's score. Just saying.
the fuck?
Why do people insist on saying dumb things like this?
The answer is "it all depends" but yes, kind of working on it, we'll see what eventually happens. However, I actually really like what I do for work right now.
Is she still in your phonebook? Do you use facebook on your phone?
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