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Well, it was never a formal clean break, we still see each other every few weeks (long distance), talk every day, etc.Basically some bad shit happened, we both made mistakes, but we still love each other and are like super compatible. If other events outside of our control did not interfere, we'd probably be married right now.So it's complicated.... Is there still hope? I don't know. I expect things will be resolved in one way or another over the next few months
Invested as in total portfolio - including building up cash reserves, long and short term investments, etc., not just retirement accounts. I remember reading about someone who saved/invested about a 3rd of the gross, and I can actually see that if you're making decent money and aren't in full spending mode, but that could also probably be tough for those of you who have families. (P.S. SF style of investing into wine, cloth, shoes, designer furniture and foie gras does...
You two are making me sick...In a good way of course. Can't believe I actually look at marriage as a good thing now
Ugh... My ex is getting here in a couple of hours - going to stay for 4 days and hang out. This will be interesting... and painful.
wait so you can run android ok now? worth it to try?
UGH what the fuck, I can't get away from this chick.... It shouldn't be this hard.
Ugh, all of a sudden, discomfort and symptoms associated with CT. Never happened before, although I did have some trouble here and there with numbness or elbow/shoulder damage. But never quite like this. Lucky enough to have a company doc that deals with this all the time, so will visit today - but in the meantime, any experiences/advice on this? I definitely think it's a mouse/elbow issue and will try to fix my setup, and follow docs advice - but is there anything else...
Yeah, nothing personal against the PA people, I've met some docs who were total quacks, and some NPs who knew more than the docs they were working with..
Ugh, set an appointment with a new local doc, came in, get taken care of by a PA instead... After a 20 minute interaction politely ask her to leave and bring in the real doctor who then proceeds to actually address the issues and requests I had instead of the BS that the PA was giving me. So I don't really like PAs right now.
21? You'll be fine, couldn't have happened at a better time.
New Posts  All Forums: