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Oh well, fuck, I wouldn't know. I've been on the buyside/client side for pretty much.. ever?
This is a fantastic reply. But don't diss tech, bro. Tech is fucking fantastic for strategy/finance, at least once you're a bit up the ladder. Doing deals in a relaxed environment while wearing jeans is pretty fun. Going from finance to tech was eye-opening and the best transition ever.
Wish it was all AAPL...
Somewhat unimaginative advice
A friend of mine is a communications PhD and has a fantastic life, makes good money, etc...
Business PhDs do pretty well.
semiconductor fabs
6AM... Not because I have to, but because I prefer to. Usually get to work somewhere between 8-9.. Unless I'm traveling or have one of my favorite 6/7AM calls.
Can't stress this enough.Learn to be successful on your own terms.
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