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Ugh, the next 24 hours were even better... WTF. I hate this girl. I was about to write her off, and now this. Been in so many long term relationships, came close to marrying before, loved before - but never felt like this about anyone else. Honestly, there is a cold, logical part of me that tells me it would never work, and then there is a part of me that doesn't care about any of that and would give anything for another day, and the day after that... Ugh.
I guess I'm one of the 1% that really puts the Moleskine to use, and I pretty much swear by it. Basically, I've used it throughout grad school, and now use it at work. I typically take notes during all my meetings or when I plan things, but I do transfer certain things to MS OneNote. At work It usually takes me about 4-5 months to fill a standard moleskine notebook up, although I've have really busy periods when it was more like three months. I've tried all kinds of...
Unfortunately goals and income vary for everyone. Maybe I'm wrong for trying to average things out for the normal "professional."
I'm sitting on my couch in the living room drinking a beer. The "ex" is asleep in the bedroom. The last 36 hours have been some of the best in our (old? new? ongoing? dead?) relationship. This is fucked up beyond belief. In a normal world we would have been married by now. (yes, I am heading back to bed in case you were wondering.)
Typically, I'd say gut over logic.I had a 5 year relationship with a chick who used to be a good friend (of course I had a huge crush on her for like 2 years)It was awesome, amazing, and the only reason we went our separate ways was because we were too young, and life happens. No regrets, fantastic relationship.Of course, the new girl might be even better and the true love of your life. Not gonna know in the first 5 weeks, unfortunately.
Unfortunately, not that young, and have been through this more than once before - and in this case my experience is telling me something different.
Ugh, yeah.. Ask me again in a couple of months - I really feel like we are probably done sometimes and some issues are unsolvable, but there is sort of this thing of "we are right for each other, we are not dead, and that's all that maters?"Fuck if I know...
Thanks! Don't get me wrong, there are still issues and incompatibilities. It's just that the big things work, and the small things don't really bother me or her that much. If anything, small "bad" things translate to a bit of tension that keeps things interesting.. I don't know, maybe it will all blow up in my face one day. By the way, this is the chick I started hooking up with almost two years ago that there was all this secret drama with. If I only knew then what I know...
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