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Thank you, gentlemen
Guys, I'm not saying that those programs are the same as diploma mills. Perhaps they are even really really good compared to other online MBAs offered by decent schools. But I absolutely stand by my stated opinion that it's not the way to go even for your purposes. I'm genuinely trying to help, but at the end it's not my decision, right? It's your time and your money. Have fun. Best of luck.
You're right, all the time I've spent attending well-ranked programs full-time, participating in recruiting events, sitting in our internal recruiting meetings, interviewing and hiring candidates has clearly taught me nothing about the value of an online MBA from a school that has a decent reputation for its full-time program.You do realize that people not only rank but also perceive all of the different types of the MBAs differently, right? I think you do. Even a...
Nope, I would say it's better not to have it at all, wait for when you can get into an Exec MBA program instead or something.Online is worthless 99% of the time.
Thanks! It just really makes sense for me on so many levels - I just think academic research fits my personality/skills much better than most other occupations, I like the freedom/independence, and overall it's sort of a lifestyle decision... I can definitely see myself doing that even when I'm 70 and being happy. We'll see, maybe I'm just naive.
Or you can try and understand why people are saying those things? Like we *may* actually want to help you make the right decision. Shocking, I know.
I would hesitate to recommend ANY online program.
Some of my friends would claim that two masters degrees are enough, but who are they to tell me?!?!
Thank you, gentlemen. I know it will be somewhat challenging being a poor (although well-funded) doctoral student after building a decent career in the corporate world, but I know it's the right step for me, especially in the long term. I was actually amazed at home many of the faculty members took a similar path, many took 5-20 year detours through their first careers before ending up in academia.
Anyway, I guess I can post an update now. Can't believe it's been over 1.5 years since I've made this thread. Also can't believe how stupid I was and how little I knew about the academia, but we all have to start somewhere. It has been a long road, but I'm happy to report that I will be starting in a PhD program sometime this fall. I have worked hard for the last year to make myself into a great candidate, and it has paid off very well for me - I've received multiple...
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