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He posts here. F. Corbera or something?
I really really hate timeline as well.
First option. Don't get distracted by real estate and all that - there will be time for that later should you choose to pursue it. Seriously, give corporate world a chance and commit to putting all of your effort into making it, choose #1. If that doesn't work, adjust accordingly. By choosing #2 you're more likely to fail or to remain average at everything - you won't make any kind of a real career in real estate because you'll be doing it part time, and you won't have...
Great stuff. 33 (too high!!!) What killed me is stuff like -Yes I walked the factory floor as an overeducated consultant -Yes I hang out with smokers (eurotrash doctors and trust fund kids) -Yes I've been to some shitty restaurants because sometimes that's the only choice you have on a random business trip or a stopover. and more.
That's not true. But you have to be able to speak the language and not look like an idiot when it comes to technical issues. Otherwise all of those companies really need smart people on the commercial side where the engineers have no clue. However, there are many engineers with MBAs who are able to do both.
Awesome. Did you score a gig already?Tech is fun, I wish I would have discovered it earlier and wasted less time in finance.
Thank you, gentlemen
Guys, I'm not saying that those programs are the same as diploma mills. Perhaps they are even really really good compared to other online MBAs offered by decent schools. But I absolutely stand by my stated opinion that it's not the way to go even for your purposes. I'm genuinely trying to help, but at the end it's not my decision, right? It's your time and your money. Have fun. Best of luck.
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