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The grass is always greener...
Supply chain management. Better for entrepreneurs than entrepreneurship.
Interesting article from the Atlantic. What do you gentlemen think? http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2012/09/pop-culture-has-turned-against-the-liberal-arts/262955/ The liberal arts have gotten a bad rap lately—or, if you believe the cover line on the September 17 issue of The Weekly Standard, are dead. A mere month and a half before a presidential election, the conservative publication took time out of voicing support for Mitt Romney's business-minded...
He posts here. F. Corbera or something?
I really really hate timeline as well.
First option. Don't get distracted by real estate and all that - there will be time for that later should you choose to pursue it. Seriously, give corporate world a chance and commit to putting all of your effort into making it, choose #1. If that doesn't work, adjust accordingly. By choosing #2 you're more likely to fail or to remain average at everything - you won't make any kind of a real career in real estate because you'll be doing it part time, and you won't have...
Great stuff. 33 (too high!!!) What killed me is stuff like -Yes I walked the factory floor as an overeducated consultant -Yes I hang out with smokers (eurotrash doctors and trust fund kids) -Yes I've been to some shitty restaurants because sometimes that's the only choice you have on a random business trip or a stopover. and more.
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