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I think PB is mad at me because I'm not crazy about FP
a more specific suggestion would be totally helpfuli did try some overroasted Sumatra today at a local shop today and it was actually kind of shitty.
Someone recommend me a coffee from a good roaster I can order online. I am a bit tired of light roast fruity highly acidic Ethiopian stuff I've been drinking, and want something with a bit more cocoa, berry, earthiness, caramel, etc. By the way, tried a whole bunch of stuff for brewing and ended up with a CCD. Absolutely positively love it. Prefer it to french press, but I'll still try FP with every new coffee I get.
I guess I should throw the CCD into the mix too? Or just order all three...
Also, AP coffee will go well with my mocha hazelnut nondairy creamer, right? j/k
Ok. Will Aeropress do a full 16oz mug in one sitting?
I guess since we are on the subject, is there another cheap grinder that will give me more ability to play with coarser grinds? Like I said, now that I think about it, I think this is more about variety for me. So I'm probably looking to add more versatility to both grinding and brewing that I currently do. I'm not fundamentally unhappy with FP or anything.
a. boredomb. maybe a cleaner cup?Like I said, I'm not looking to stop using FP completely, but rather add another method, and now that I think about it, maybe one that will produce different results for variety's sake.
Basically, if AP only gives me no sediment on the bottom over FP, then maybe I should try something else, no?
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