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Also keep in mind that I do already have and use the FP, so maybe i should go the opposite direction so I taste both ways where the methods isn't too close??
Oooh, here is another question, will my Skerton grinds be more consistent for one method over the other?
PB, why is chemex a pain? Aren't both devices sort of customizable, with a million ways to vary things (I guess with AP you can control contact time better, but with Chemex you can play with saturation, temperatures, blooming and all those things as well) I guess I want something that will allow me to try and understand different flavor profiles of coffees better, in a somewhat consistent manner, but where I can make some adjustments if needed to get more out of a...
Wow, this turned out to be an amazing thread. Learned so much. So, I'm facing an existential crisis and need input. Aeropress or chemex? I've been using Bodium FP + Skerton. Thoughts?
I've had my 257 for 5 years now. I've cheated on it with a few other bags, but at the end it was always there for me. It's an amazing bag. Looks only slightly more weathered now. Also, I'm always totally surprised by how roomy it gets when you ask it nicely. It basically seems to double in size when needed - like on those days when I have to stick an almost full 1.5" three-ring binder in a side pocket when the rest of the bag is already filled to capacity.
Been there, done that, changed my life, no regrets. Parts of what has worked for me have been minimizing, throwing out everything that's stressing or distracting me out of my life, treating money like a way to independence and freedom rather than the ability to purchase shiny things, finding ways to do what I like and what I'm good at for a living, and so on.
No, you're generalizing. It depends on position, company, specialty/sector, etc. A "financial analyst" can mean just about anything.
I'm extremely curious why being a hedge fund analyst is the only thing that interests you, and DEFINITELY not because of money?
..and most of the lifestyle subforums as well... mPKe9OfWs-M link if it doesn't work: http://youtu.be/mPKe9OfWs-M Edit: how the hell do you embed youtube?
Each slide is like a sentence. Takes about 15 minutes or less to go through the whole thing.Nothing particularly mindblowing or innovative there unless you've been living under a rock. I think maybe his "network maintenance fund" is his most interesting idea. I mean I already have a fund for strippers and coke, so why not this too.Also, you'd think someone who is one of the fathers of social networking would have some more interesting network insights, but nope. But...
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