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Also, AP coffee will go well with my mocha hazelnut nondairy creamer, right? j/k
Ok. Will Aeropress do a full 16oz mug in one sitting?
I guess since we are on the subject, is there another cheap grinder that will give me more ability to play with coarser grinds? Like I said, now that I think about it, I think this is more about variety for me. So I'm probably looking to add more versatility to both grinding and brewing that I currently do. I'm not fundamentally unhappy with FP or anything.
a. boredomb. maybe a cleaner cup?Like I said, I'm not looking to stop using FP completely, but rather add another method, and now that I think about it, maybe one that will produce different results for variety's sake.
Basically, if AP only gives me no sediment on the bottom over FP, then maybe I should try something else, no?
Also keep in mind that I do already have and use the FP, so maybe i should go the opposite direction so I taste both ways where the methods isn't too close??
Oooh, here is another question, will my Skerton grinds be more consistent for one method over the other?
PB, why is chemex a pain? Aren't both devices sort of customizable, with a million ways to vary things (I guess with AP you can control contact time better, but with Chemex you can play with saturation, temperatures, blooming and all those things as well) I guess I want something that will allow me to try and understand different flavor profiles of coffees better, in a somewhat consistent manner, but where I can make some adjustments if needed to get more out of a...
Wow, this turned out to be an amazing thread. Learned so much. So, I'm facing an existential crisis and need input. Aeropress or chemex? I've been using Bodium FP + Skerton. Thoughts?
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