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CPs are ok, but never really appealed to me that much.. I mean I guess deeply discounted white Achilles are great, but.. hmm...
I like the raf velcros.. never thought of that..My initial thoughts were immediately along the lines of classic lanvin lows, MMM Gats, and something flashy..Hmmm...
Soooo... If you were to build a starter baller sneaker wardrobe with $2K, including a couple of classics and at least one show piece.. What would you do? Sales/etc are fine.
Am I the only only one who thinks that an all-black colorway = you look like you work in food service. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that's what you're going for.... BUT IMHO, it's just not aesthetically pleasing at all... Ok maybe all is a strong word, but like 95% of all cases.
I have Moleskines in just about every size. Still love the classic version, and works well for me for archiving, I have almost a shelf full of older ones.
Seven years is a bit long, friend. Like by 6.5 years. There are women 100x better than her in every way out there, are you just not sure you're good enough to get them?
Been drinking a lot of strange coffee lately.. Crappy old blends, overroasted Sumatra, etc. i think I'm starting to appreciate acidity and floral qualities more. But still experimenting. Just got a fresh bag of a Sulawesi Toraja from a local roaster, we'll see how it do.
I think PB is mad at me because I'm not crazy about FP
a more specific suggestion would be totally helpfuli did try some overroasted Sumatra today at a local shop today and it was actually kind of shitty.
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