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-Realizing how Pete's character developed to a point where I was more excited about his story than Don's.-Betty's unexpected trouble and how both her and her family handled it-Don on a journey and realizing that hiding from his identity and being a con man are not quite the same thing-Probably a few more things that I am forgetting
I was wondering about the last couple of episodes, but this last one was amazing and really powerful.
Working on my PhD right now, ABD stage.. Doing well enough to where I think I will have a decent, well-paying tenture-track job once I am done, and the only question is whether it will be a top or average school. Still, every once in a while, I wonder if I am getting sick of the politics, being constantly watched and not having as much anonymity/privacy as I'd like, being evaluated and judged by too few people in too subjective of a way, with very little as a means of...
My drunken speculative predictions: -Roger continues happily skipping through life -Joan finds happiness w/ new dude and $$ -Ted.. well... we don't care -Pete back w/ Trudy, even though we know that he'll still cheat here and there, but he'll never let anyone come between him and his family again. -Peggy becoming the political mastermind at McCann while finally finding child-free love with Stan. Don? Who knows? Finding himself as a.... ? The problem with Don is that...
Pete's character development is off the hook these two half-seasons It's a journey.. from a whiny entitled bitch to a... whiny, entitled, calculating, and dare I say... more likable.. man?
but like.. they obviously end up together, right?
large or medium moleskine does it all for me
Went to the boots thread.. want 5 minutes of my life back
CPs are ok, but never really appealed to me that much.. I mean I guess deeply discounted white Achilles are great, but.. hmm...
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