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Wow I really miss the good old days now I bet this is all Connie's fault
Is Manton still around? Fuuu(ck)ma? His lordly highness himself whose name must not be mentioned? MaTTT? etc?
This isn't meeting commercial needs, this is going way way way overboard. Pretty disgusting and barely functional.
Seriously? Is this some sort of a joke? What the hell is this?
Lean is fantastic, but unfortunately very few people truly understand what lean is. Lean can easily be applied to areas beyond manufacturing - services, R&D, etc. There have actually already been very successful implementations of lean systems at major hospitals and health care companies and almost every kind of organization that you can imagine. However, is it easy to implement? Is it easy to get people to go along with it? Is it easy to find experts and champions who...
TO THE CLOUD!!!! Yeah, we're never adopting gmail for corporate.. or anything other than MS suite for the forseeable future - but our IT does support all kinds of mobile devices for corporate e-mail, as long as they are company controlled. I have to say, the functionality of the full corporate MS package with IM, LM, SP, LN, all that stuff is actually very decent.
Low deal/project flow = 40-45 hrs a week, high deal/project flow = 70 hrs a week. But really most of the time it's quiet and weekends are ultra rare. If you count biz trips it can get bad with business dinners, late team meetings at the hotel, etc... One time at an old job on a biz trip I was probably doing 16 hours a day of straight work, for 3 weeks with only two half days off. Love the current gig.
At least business class this time
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt what's a PM (project manager?) and PMO? I'm guessing project manager and project management office.
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