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Is she still in your phonebook? Do you use facebook on your phone?
...and there are plenty of kids who end up humiliated with their dreams crushed.. or become the next Alexey Vayner
I totally disagree with this. Can it work in some weird instance? Sure - maybe someone will offer you a job doing sales door to door. Getting a real career like that? No way.To me, it would just imply the person is immature/crazy. But I guess I used to believe in those types of silly things when I was in my early 20s also.
Some people in the "poor man's watch" thread have them, looks ok. Considering the price, may be a good fun watch.
Complete BS. You can easily train your brain to at least think the LSAT way in 1-2 months and increase your ability if you had none before.People who continue to get low scores just refuse to learn the important things (POE, logic, etc)I'm not saying you can go from 150 to 170+, but a significant improvement seems to be the norm for the majority of those who really take preparation seriously.I know I am a good test taker myself, but for me, when it comes to tests like...
LSAT (as well as the GMAT, GRE, etc) is a perfectly learnable test.I sucked at logic games in the beginning as well, choked on the real test, and still managed a T14 score (that I never took advantage of, thank god)
fuck yeah, she went to the most exclusive law school in the country!!???! I think Connie is the only other graduate
One of my favorite series ever! When is this coming out?
What do people have against doing their own homework?
Sounds like international finance to me?In any case, international business may be ok as an easy elective class, but god bless anyone who actually majors in it.
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