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Sad day. Would have liked him to stick around for longer. Good reminder of how fragile and unpredictable life is, and how little some things matter at the end.
Finally got around to playing with mine... One of the resurrected onsale orders. It's pretty damn decent, especially now that I've cleaned it up, installed preware and like 15 patches, overclocked to 1.5, etc.. Will be basically replacing my netbook as a travel/couch device while I wait for iPad 3/HD
Yeah dude, I've never had a bad breakup, never actually truly felt bad or regretted any of them... But this one... UGH.
I know this is an old thread, but I remember it making some kind of a small impact on me, or at least getting me to look at things from a different prospective. I really did only collect clothes and books, but I still managed to spend money on unneeded junk, to make bad purchasing decisions, and to find my closets full of things I never use/need/wear. Well a year or two later, the materialistic side of me has definitely been evolving. I still like nice things, but I just...
One day, when I've have had a couple of stiff drinks, I will tell SF the sad cautionary tale of my last long love adventure. Took someone for granted only to realize that she might have been the one.. But a little too late. So now I feel like I'm fighting the last glorious battle for a sliver of hope, it's beautiful, but I pretty much know that I'm doomed. But I'll still go down fighting. And yes, this is the girl that some on SF might remember from before. Life is...
I don't really post here as much as I used to...
I don't think this has been commented on yet, but from my business school experience, suits or at least a SC + tie are the norm for faculty.
Wow I really miss the good old days now I bet this is all Connie's fault
Is Manton still around? Fuuu(ck)ma? His lordly highness himself whose name must not be mentioned? MaTTT? etc?
This isn't meeting commercial needs, this is going way way way overboard. Pretty disgusting and barely functional.
New Posts  All Forums: