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Found (by a recommendation) an affordable local roaster with a very decent selection (not sure about quality yet).. This will be awesome, will probably take me six months to make my way through what sounded interesting so far.
McKinsey is moron
My current situation: 4% down for the year, 12% up Oct MTD Decreased leverage, got out of potentially dangerous positions given earnings' probabilities and took up defensive positions
Uhm... ok.
Low price? Per share or relative? What are you basing your valuation on?
I agree. I've had plenty of corporate experience before going for my PhD, so I am completely there with you. I'm lucky, and it motivates much of my research work with anecdotal/qualitative evidence.To be fair, I honestly don't know which one is objectively better in my case, mostly because the future is so unpredictable, but also because trade-offs and benefits of each are so different.Don't get me wrong, I don't give a fuck about rate my professors either, but lay people...
Pretty spot on. Do you mind sharing which field you're in?I thought long stretches of independence would be amazing, but to be honest, the constant pressure to publish and to remain competitive and relevant among your peers combined with lack of structure add up to making it less pleasant than one might think.I also enjoy my anonymity, but that can be tough when 100s of students know you and you keep running into them everywhere, or worse yet, get into a tough situation...
Thanks for the response. The intellectual payoff has been absolutely fucking worth it so far. Career payoff? Probably, and maybe having options is always good. I agree with you on innovation, but that's pretty typical - we search for truth instead of chasing fads, right?One of the issues in my field is that the movement between academic and private sector is pretty limited for research faculty. Unlike many other disciplines (Economics, Engineering, etc.) people don't...
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