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I like J C Penney's Stafford Executive dress shirts. I have a bunch for work. Their regular Stafford shirts are constructed cheaply (i.e lack top stitching on the sleeves, sewn in collar staves that are flimsy) and wouldn't reccommend them. I'm not sure if they have Stafford suits and Safford Executive suits.
The Honda S2000 pre big wing.
This recipe is classic Italian. You can easily double it or more to make a large amount. Equal amounts of Sugar and Salt is the key to a great gravy. THe long cook time is needed to break down the tomatoes. 1/3 cup olive oil 1.5 cup finely chopped onion 2 garlic cloves (you can use more if be your preference) 1 2lb 3 oz (Canned Italian Tomatoes (You can also use fresh Roma tomatoes) 1 6oz can tomato paste 2 Tbsp chopped parsley (dried is fine) 1 Tbsp salt 1...
Gap or Old Navy would probably fit your bill. Buy a size smaller than you normally would since it sounds like you don't want to button them either. I dunno maybe you do, but a smaller size will guarantee it being short in body length. You just have to watch the arm length unless you are rolling the sleeves.
Jcrew.com always is rotating merchandise on to it sales web page. The probably are running some sort of sales optimization software to control inventory and gross profit. The sales page updates at least once a day (usually the morning). I actually wrote about it here. I can't for the life of me figure out their coupon strategy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gob Bluth Predictably, I think BB is a mixed bag. I am not a fan of their shirts - in terms of fit, quality and price, I think there are far better to be had. Also, their suits I find to be overpriced given the level of quality. However, I think their ties are must-have items. For business wear, it doesn't get much better than a Brooks Brothers rep tie, a white shirt, and a dark suit with a presidential folded pocket...
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