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Panda Bear Awesome Awesome Band! Au Revoir Simone Love their new stuff
I like the face. It looks sharp. You could also shop and Both have varied selections.
Wow xenophobia runs rampant! I would like you to try and survive using only American made products. It's such a silly proposition and totally irrational really. When you think about it, made in America does not really exist as you recognize it, nor does made in China. Take for instance a plain t-shirt, it says made in China, but that cotton most likely was grown in the US and exported to China. The recalls you mention are serious, but in terms of volume of trade are...
I have some Hind running gear as well. It is amazing. I'm surprised it is not more popular.
Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 depends....where is it made? In China? some third world country? If so, then it's crap. If not, then it's good. Just because something is made in China or Asia does not mean its crap. That is an ignorant statement to say the least. Some of the best factories in the world are in China. They kick our ass in terms of quality the majority of the time. I've done business with Asia for about 5 years and some of...
I wear Jerseys and Bike Shorts, but I'm a fair weather biker. The brands I like are Nike Dry Fit Hind Pearl Izumi - They have great affordable shorts
I agree you could get a spring summer type of blazer, maybe half lined if a wool fabric... Chino blazers are pretty popular this year or better yet seersucker.
Ha! I never thought of buying one for my home. Good idea.
The world hangs in the balance with this one... I'm just wondering people's opinion. Do you prefer the sleeves of your dress shirt: A Creased from the behind sleeve cuff to the end of shoulder. B No crease what so ever on the sleeve except the pleats at the cuffs. C. Never thought about it. I like to crease for two reasons. The main reason is I launder and press my own shirts (its easier to crease then having to roll the sleeve along the ironing...
I have a W600i as well. I bought because they didn't sell Helio phones in the states at the time. They had a phone call a Kick Flip that I still think about. I just bought a Ridgid Shop Vac. I'm refurbishing a house that I just bought.... Not that Sexy. I am a rampant consumerist.
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