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Not sure where you live, but its prom season so stores like S&K will have tux's. At one point I was toying with the idea of buying one online from Tuxedo Direct. I hate renting. Good Luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Off The Cuff DC Hi guys, interesting discussion on the bag front. I am still testing out a few more brands, right now it's Jack Spade. A quick comment on the J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag. I did not intend to sound definitive about not wearing the strap across the body messenger bag fashion. After testing it out a bit, I found it to be uncomfortable when worn that way and after investigating, learned that is was...
They would fetch more if they were branded. I have a vintage Johnny Carson suit. I wonder what its worth. Probably not much.
The least expensive frames that I've bought were a plain black Buddy Holly style that were branded Kenneth Cole. The frame cost $99. I think anything cheaper and you are going find durability issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy The J Peterman bag got a lot of attention in the off the cuff blog, with images: I carry my J Peterman mail bag across my shoulders like a messenger bag. I'm not sure why the writer says you can't.
Here is my bag. Sorry I have no idea where my real camera is. We just moved. Sorry I couldn't get the Hopefully this picture posts ok. It arrive raw, just as the catalog says. I sprayed it with water several times to soften the look. The natural oils from my hands are begining to soften it even more. Its gaining a lot of character. I suppose I could hasten the process with an oil of some type, but I enjoy watching it age. The bag is nicely constructed. The leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by jselvedge my custom fit RL polos shrank in length after drying Shrinkage is inherent with pique fabric even if the mfg pre-shrank the fabric. Less expenseive pique shirts tend to shrink more due to shortcuts in fabric preparation. So far I have not seen a decent pique shirt worth buying at any mass merchant.
I sometimes wear a pair of all stars on causal days to the office, but they are black corduroy. Better looking than these in green.
Peterman's Mailbag is $300... I love mine. Or you could get real extravagant.
Back in the day I had a Three Panel Black Timbuku that traveled the world. It was canvas, it went with everything..
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