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Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Benefits of a cheap currency. Immigrants are moving out of meat packing and agriculture. Too many ICE busts.
If the suit fits you well you are one step ahead. IMO fit is the most important aspect of buying clothing.
Some where on the website is a link to report that you lost the dvd. They charge you a small fee when you chose this optiom.
Remember when Gap was cool? Now its so blah. I'm not a fan of the designer editions or euro collection.
Put a few old towels (white preferable) to minimize abuse to shoes and washer then air dry like everyone said.
I like it, Nice outfit, nice shoes. Looks like you pull it off fine.
The old adage goes, any press is good press. Think Dancing with the Stars.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Fashion Savant - You need to change your avatar. Black shoes, grey suit and white shirt look awfully stuffy to me. You're right It's spring.
Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp Lets face it--he looks awesome. Period. Yes I agree he does. That's an awesome outfit and he pulls it off. Too many stuffy suits here who believe wearing an expensive piece of clothing makes them fashionable. When in reality, fashion is mostly about attitude.
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