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My advice would be shop an outdoors store, i.e. REI, for hiking boots. You want to try on the boot to insure a great fit. Also, buy some socks that will wick the moisture away from your feet.
I like both JCPenneys Stafford Executive and Lands End wrinkle free athletic fit dress shirts.
If you mention the exact purpose for the boots, you may get a better response. For yard work I wear Blundstones.
Love the sloppy dresser comment. I haven't heard something that ignorant in awhile. Part of the reason why luxury retailers are doing well is foreign travelers capitalizing on the weak dollar.
I've never met a pigment dyed tee that I didn't like. They usually are nice and soft due to the washing involved.
I must be bi-lingual, I know what a dress slack is. I slum it and have a few pair of Lands End everyday wool tailor fit dress pants, no pleats or cuffs. The quality, drape, and fit are decent. They are workhorse of a pant. Comparing them to a higher end wool pant I would say the hand is not as nice, but for the price they are a great value. Link
I can't even picture it.... I would say no.
Gasoline is going to get outragous, so think about mileage. In general, euro cars are more expensive to maintian (parts tend to cost more for them). I love my acura rsx type-s. Currently, it has over a 100k miles and still drives like a dream. A great commuter car.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 It's a croc, isn't it? I won't hold it against you. Rene owns. Ah yeah it is the croc. My bad.
I love the aligator. I haven't bought a lacoste polo in a year or so. My last one was made in Peru. The one before that France. Anyone just buy one? Where are they made now? I'm curious
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