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Hey Any Idea when you are getting more Indigo Smith Denim in size 33/34 instock?? Thanks
Because someone on style forum told me to wear them
Just chew on a piece of wood charcoal. The carbon will clean your teeth like nothing else can. The taste isn't too pleasant though.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I enjoy it. It's the only show on TV I watch... so its a guilty pleasure. I also enjoy reading all of the theories and such on Although I'm not inclined to believe many, I am just fascinated with the extensive research and development of fan-based theories. I also have a few friends that are equally enthralled with the series, and we always have a chat about the latest episode every week. The show...
Stopped watching 2 seasons ago. I was tired of all the dangling plot lines.
Nick Drake, Northern Sky. We had a garden party wedding at a historical mansion. It was not a standard wedding, but having a first dance was fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog Whoa, how have you not heard of Penguin? They're everywhere ... Anyway, here is a link to their short-sleeve button down shirts: The full retail prices on the website are ridiculous, just find them at discount at Macy's or Filene's. Yeah.. maybe I've seen them, but haven't paid attention to them. I don't like a traditional shirt hem for ss...
I've never heard/scene Penguin. Have any photos? I love to wear Ben Sherman ss shirts in the summer. The 50/50 blend is perfect for bars.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Is Romania considered a Third World country? I think my Romanian Lacoste polo isn't too bad. Romanian? I haven't come across a croc shirt from Romania ever. Is it new?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Nothing is out if you can pull it off. Good Point
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