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Congrats on your new home. I found www.houzz.com an invaluable resource when I moved in to my new house. I would advise mixing a few key pieces with some reasonable pieces if you're working off a budget. Good luck!
I'm a big fan of Transition lenses. I have used them on my last 3 pairs of glasses. They are clear when indoors and darken reasonably quick when outdoors. As a person who has to wear prescription eyewear all the time, the best part of is that I can have both a pair of regular glasses and shades in a single pair of glasses. The only downside with Transitions is that they are UV activated so they do not darken while you're in a car, as an example. Otherwise, I now always...
Sorry for dropping off (been sick) but thanks for your replies! I will forward this on to my friend. And Yes, he is looking for a suit, not a tuxedo.
Thanks! Anyone else?
Anybody have any recommendations?
Hi All, I need some advice. I have a friend who will be getting married in a couple of months. He's looking to buy a suit for his wedding and has a budget of around $800. He lives in the SF Bay Area. He's about 5'10" and is slim. It will be his first real suit and plans on using it again in the future. Does anyone here have recommendations as where, what brands, and types of suits he should buy? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi, Does anyone know when the Borrelli sale in San Francisco begins and how much off? Thanks,
Are the solid shirts made with the same royal oxford cloth?
Quote: Originally Posted by machochino Being short and skinny is not much of a problem. You can find a lot of slim fitting brands (premium stuff) and make yourself appear taller. However, being short and "athletic" is a big issue. You end up looking more short and stalky. In my case, I have a very athletic build at about 5'6 and 160lbs. I'm asian so it's expectable. Lol. But I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well. When I wear slim jeans, it...
This was an interesting use of my "skimming" time. I guess the OP was chased away... You've got to love the anonymity of the Internet. I doubt he would be as rude in real life.
New Posts  All Forums: