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Subaru=all wheel drive hurts MPG.
Actually, I have a couple of The Suit Company label (JPN) suits that are made in China. I purchased them in Tokyo in previous years. They are quit good and have features that most USA Label suits do not have. The important factor is the parent companies quality control. Someone has to teach the Chinese how to construct a quality suit. After that the market will have the final decision.
FS: NIB AE Park Avenues size 9.5, $170 plus shipping. Paypal preferred but other payments considered.
Since, I am relocating to a warmer climate I am selling my 40R Black Brooks Brothers BrooksStorm Car Coat. The coat is in execellant condition with no stains or tears. Made in Italy. 100% wool rain and wind repellent. $150 plus shipping. Paypal preferred other forms of payment considered. Length: 40" Shoulder to shoulder: 24" Shoulder to sleeve: 22" Center Vent Contact me for additional photos.
NWOT, Burberry and Balenciaga Ties $40 each plus shipping. Paypal or MO preferred other considered. Both ties 3.5" width and 56" length. Both made in Italy. Pale blue with brown, cream, and blue stripes Gold with pale blue and dark blue stripes
Mac will be back but not as strong as last year. Despite all the FA hate he improved Mac more so than LH. Remember LH lost the WC last year he was ahead in pts. all he had to do was finish ahead of FA and Kimi in the final two races. Last year RD would not allow FA to chose his race strategy. Imagine that, FA a two-time WC not allowed to choose his own race strategy. All last year LH was the rabbit and FA was the hare. Renault will not be able to challenge Ferrari even...
I agree with Ferraro but didn't Bill say he was the first "Black President"? Anyway, Obama is what the whole democratic party is all about. Someone the black community trusts and the liberal white community can take pride in. If he was white no one would care about him but because he is black and not the stereotypical black candidate he gets the free ride. Take away his color and he is just another Illinois politician. You know what is more corrupted than an Illinois...
Have: 2004 VW Passat & 2006 Audi TT 3.2 Replacements: 2008 Lexus IS350 & 200? Nissan 350Z
Your wife is correct. He has too many patterns a plain tie would be more appropriate. However, you never know he may have chosen those pattern on purpose to gain attention.
Quote: Originally Posted by hanker565 Thanks for the replies so far. I agree that the monster looks great but my concern is would it be too big? Thoughts on this ESQ? http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Wat...1/product.html The problem with the ESQ is the Paneri styling style can get dated quickly. The Seiko is more dressier style while the Hamilton has a casual design. I would pick the Hamiton for casual wear.
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