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AE Evanston captoe, color Walnut, size 11D. $50 Canadian, meetup Financial district Toronto?
Condition: These are about 10 years old and fairly well worn. Could use a good polish. Gorgeous walnut color, have been re-soled and re-heeled. Plenty of wear left in both. A low cost way to add a medium brown shoe to your rotation this spring. Location: Financial District, Toronto. Meetup is best.
My guess: jacket sleeve is shoulder to cuff. Shirt sleeve is neck to cuff.
Closet cleaning. Three well-worn pieces with some life left in them. Meetup in financial district, Toronto. TM Lewin suit: 36R, 2B, solid mid-grey with a bird's eye texture. 100% wool, half canvassed, slim flat front trou. Bought in London UK. $20. SAND suit: 38R, 2B, solid navy mohair blend. Half canvassed, slim flat front trou (seat is a bit shiny with wear). Brown buttons, so the jacket could work as a blazer. Bought at Gotstyle in 2009. $30. Aquascutum jacket:...
For what it's worth, I'm surprised how hard it is to find a product like this. Most of the pannier bags are nylon / canvas. The leather ones that are available aren't office friendly, or don't have pannier attachments. I'm a bit surprised I had to turn to a custom maker on etsy for it. I'll post photos and a review once it arrives, in case there are other SFers who are looking for a formal leather pannier bag.
Thanks guys! I have "bespoken" one with pannier clips on the back. I'm a fairweather cyclist, and my current nylon bag isn't as office friendly as I would like (it's a pretty formal office).
I'm looking for a bag like this, that can also clip onto a Dutch bike. Would you consider the below to be SF-approved?
If it's anything like heavy petting consider me sold.
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