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+1, I wear this with everything except black shoes (which I never wear anyway): https://uniformwares.com/shop/152-series-pvd-rose-gold-walnut-leather
There's enough fabric to let them out quite a bit (Ben, can you confirm how much?)I have a 36R Classico II with 30-inch trousers. I had the tailor let them out at least 1 inch without a problem. If I had sized up to a 32 inch trouser and had the tailor take the waist in an inch, I fear the seat and legs would have been too baggy for my taste. If I went with a 38R to get a 32 inch toruser, then the jacket would have been much too big as well.I'm 5 foot 11 inches, 160 lbs.
What do we think of a light grey solid jacket like this? To pair with navy and charcoal trousers, tan chinos, and dark blue jeans? http://www.nigelhallmenswear.com/item/Nigel-Hall-Menswear/Contrast-reverse-face-blazer-Arthur/FTM
I'm going to be showing up at a major financial institution every day - what's the best way to wear these without looking like a goober? Get a lower cut and wear the trouser leg outside? Tuck it inside? get a lower version? 6", 8"? http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/31178?feat=506769-GN3&page=men-s-l-l-bean-boots-6&attrValue_0=Tan/Brown&productId=197697
Reviving this post - I'm going to be commuting by foot in a snowy, northern city (guess which one). It seems like the LL Bran boots, and the Sorels, are the forum's choice. Are either of these comfy enough to walk to and from work in (30 mins each way)? If not, what would you recommend instead?
Indeed - like I said, it was inexpensive, and it does wear well. I'll look dapper this winter as people waddle around me wearing goose down parkas...
Thanks both. I think I'll just live with it, and wear the jacket more outdoors and in cooler weather.
I purchased a new tweed jacket recently. The fit was spot on; the details impeccable; the color and fabric superb. And it cost less than I was expecting. Of course, after getting it back from the tailor, it turns out it's a bloody blend of 60% wool & 40% poly. I should have noticed this earlier, but now that the sleeves are tailored I can't return it. So I have a tweed poly blend jacket that's also fully lined. Ugh. Does anyone have success in removing the lining...
So the new suits are in?I look on the website, but there's only 1 suit available (the grey classico 36R that's been there for months): http://www.ehaberdasher.co.uk/servlet/Categories?$catalog.Oem=Benjamin&$catalog.OemId=2612530
Well, I see no one else gets it either!
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