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I've had to alter the length of every jacket sleeve I've ever bought, so I'm happy with unfinished sleeves & unattached buttons.
Good news - the jackets are now up on the ehaberdasher.com site. Snagged a dark wool classic blazer, 36r. Can't wait for it to come. Ben, you should always stock a classic navy blazer, I've literally been waiting years for this!
For each customer who is a dedicated lapel-measurer, there's another one that just does not really care (count me in as one of these). As long as it's something in the middle/non-trendy zone, the 3 to 3.5 inch range is fine by me. I'm just happy these jackets are finally in!Jacket photos look good! I am going to snag a navy hopsack as soon as it's up on the site.
Exciting. Is the other navy hopsack 100% wool?
Any update?
Wow - I just picked up a navy hopsack blazer yesterday! I might take it back and get yours instead.Are the hopsacks both wool? Are they the canvassed or half-canvas line? To what extent are they lined?
I ordered mine within 10 minutes of these being posted!
For what it's worth, these shirts are a very classic British style. Plain solid suit, plain solid tie, crazy patterned shirt with a spread collar.
Novelty Shoe Repair, Yonge & Adelaide.
I sure hope so! I'll be getting one too. I would have ti imagine a navy hopsack blazer could be one of the best selling items, and also it isn't necessarily seasonal.
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