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I have the navy hopsack - it's open weave and unlined, and works well in the summer.
Thanks for the background. When I click the link, I get:The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEMWe're sorry, but there's been an error in our system, and we can't complete your request. Please report this error to us, using our feedback system. Thanks!
It's missing.
Just got my dark navy hopsack Benjamin Bella Spalla blazer back from the tailor. Size 36R. I'm 5 foot 11 inches, 155 lbs with narrow shoulders. Tailor had to shorten the sleeves & take in the waist. Thoughts: - My tailor, one of the best in Toronto, was very impressed with the construction. He said it seemed "expensive", and this is a guy who finishes Canalis in Yorkville. - Fabric is medium weight, but it's unlined. I can see right through the hopsack weave so it...
I've had to alter the length of every jacket sleeve I've ever bought, so I'm happy with unfinished sleeves & unattached buttons.
Good news - the jackets are now up on the ehaberdasher.com site. Snagged a dark wool classic blazer, 36r. Can't wait for it to come. Ben, you should always stock a classic navy blazer, I've literally been waiting years for this!
For each customer who is a dedicated lapel-measurer, there's another one that just does not really care (count me in as one of these). As long as it's something in the middle/non-trendy zone, the 3 to 3.5 inch range is fine by me. I'm just happy these jackets are finally in!Jacket photos look good! I am going to snag a navy hopsack as soon as it's up on the site.
Exciting. Is the other navy hopsack 100% wool?
Any update?
Wow - I just picked up a navy hopsack blazer yesterday! I might take it back and get yours instead.Are the hopsacks both wool? Are they the canvassed or half-canvas line? To what extent are they lined?
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