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Which tie is that? This one?http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/3019_navy_baxter_pindot
+1 3.25 tie width please
Hi Ben,I've only bought your suits and jackets for the past several years. If I'm not in a Benjamin Sartorial suit, I'm usually wearing a Bella Spalla jacket. I love them, they're fairly priced, and I get compliments on them all the time. If you lowered/raised the breast pocket by 1cm, or changed the lapels by 1cm, I wouldn't even notice.I'm now living in Toronto, Canada and getting clothing here is hard. I have to contend with the exchange rate, as well as shipping...
I have a Bella Spalla jacket that, when I tried it on, seemed to have quarters that were too closed along with a waist that was too big. When the tailor took the waist in, the quarters sort of "opened up" on their own. Looks great now!
Toronto Street?!
I don't really get north of Bloor. After 2 years of telling myself to take a 30min drive out there, it hasn't happened yet.LOL - true though. Round trip including time to try on clothes would be 2 hours...which is time I'd rather spend in my own neighborhood with my sprog.Just being honest - weekends are precious. Looking forward to popping into the 416 S&M location at a lunch break.
It's been on my list to visit the main shop for 2+ years. Given you're in the 905 that hasn't happened and likely never will. Can't wait for the downtown shop to be opened. I have several threadbare pair of trou I'm waiting to replace.
+1. Fit is actually quite good, and I think you will be happier with a classic solid grey. Well done!
I have 2 fully canvassed suits, and a sport coat.The suits are staples - I've had a plain navy since 2013 what I wear 1x/week. No issues with durability, though I noted durability might be an issue so I bought two pairs of trousers. So far the fabric is holding up well with no signs of wear. I was initially concerned about the Super 140s fabric (I would prefer a 110s for a staple suit), but after 100 wears it's looking good.
We're peas in a pod.
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