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Hi Ben,I've only bought your suits and jackets for the past several years. If I'm not in a Benjamin Sartorial suit, I'm usually wearing a Bella Spalla jacket. I love them, they're fairly priced, and I get compliments on them all the time. If you lowered/raised the breast pocket by 1cm, or changed the lapels by 1cm, I wouldn't even notice.I'm now living in Toronto, Canada and getting clothing here is hard. I have to contend with the exchange rate, as well as shipping...
I have a Bella Spalla jacket that, when I tried it on, seemed to have quarters that were too closed along with a waist that was too big. When the tailor took the waist in, the quarters sort of "opened up" on their own. Looks great now!
Toronto Street?!
I don't really get north of Bloor. After 2 years of telling myself to take a 30min drive out there, it hasn't happened yet.LOL - true though. Round trip including time to try on clothes would be 2 hours...which is time I'd rather spend in my own neighborhood with my sprog.Just being honest - weekends are precious. Looking forward to popping into the 416 S&M location at a lunch break.
It's been on my list to visit the main shop for 2+ years. Given you're in the 905 that hasn't happened and likely never will. Can't wait for the downtown shop to be opened. I have several threadbare pair of trou I'm waiting to replace.
+1. Fit is actually quite good, and I think you will be happier with a classic solid grey. Well done!
I have 2 fully canvassed suits, and a sport coat.The suits are staples - I've had a plain navy since 2013 what I wear 1x/week. No issues with durability, though I noted durability might be an issue so I bought two pairs of trousers. So far the fabric is holding up well with no signs of wear. I was initially concerned about the Super 140s fabric (I would prefer a 110s for a staple suit), but after 100 wears it's looking good.
We're peas in a pod.
I get the impression they have way, way more business than they can handle. Keeping a shabby shop and being curt with customers is a way of stemming the tide.I also wonder what their tenancy situation is. The shop itself has been there forever, but many shops on Yonge seem to be under threat of redevelopment. There are vast swathes of boarded-up shops further north on Yonge St that formerly housed business no less shabby than Novelty. It would be a shame if they were...
I did suggest you to The Hogtown Rake.
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