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By the description it sound way too small and you're probably better off selling or giving it away. Alterations aren't magic and its typically easier to come in than go out. There's probably nowhere near enough material to lengthen the sleeves.
Is this how you give feedback based on those horrible pictures?
Quote: Originally Posted by Antedote I'm wondering if removing the back darts might loosen it up properly around the waist - will the removed stitches ruin the look of the shirt? It will be fine. I've done this. It should make your shirt more wearable. As someone said earlier, if the shirt is that tight you'll need to wear trimmer pants. Shirtmaven and a tailor both had good advice for future shirts.
It looks a little tight but certainly not unwearable or rediculous. Great first Jantzen actually. If it were my shirt I'd just give it a touch of room in the waist and body and maybe raise the arm holes and lengthen the sleeves.
Looks like a Bill Cosby sweater. Puddin' Pop.
My preference, based on the photos, would be for the short. It does make you look taller. You could probably go either way and look fine though. Do you know what your measurement is from the top of your collar to the floor? A good starting point for jacket length is half that total distance. Of course that's just a starting point.
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Thought about just cuffing them when wearing mocs? +1
Nice threak. Back from the dead.
File with PayPal. Even with all the horror stories they're still very buyer friendly.
Black suits aren't the worst thing in the world. Certainly not the worst thing I've seen on SF. Outside SF nobody would even notice. It's just that a navy or charcoal suit is so much more versatile and so much less harsh than black.
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