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So someone out there has been using my personal email address to sign up for various garbage websites. They like to sign up for paid survey websites, online school information, pharmaceutical information and various other shit. I have no idea why someone would use a fake, or in this case my email address to sign up on websites. Most of these sites require email validation of the account so they're unable to use the account after signing up. I'm assuming it's a real...
Quote: Originally Posted by winston Were your shirts made from body measurements or measurements taken from a shirt? I think it's always worth pointing out which. I would hope that they could reliably produce a shirt which fits the shirt measurements given, but interpreting body measurements is a whole different thing. Sorry I missed this. I definitely should have clarified. Measurements were actually taken by one of their traveling tailors.
Can someone recommended a pair of raw jeans with a fit similar to the Levi's 511s? I just picked up a pair in size 32/30 and I'm really happy with the fit. The Somet 008s measure close but I'm afraid the rise might be too low. Maybe something close to those with a higher rise. Preferably a low slub denim but I'm open to whatever.
Looks pretty good. Arm holes look nice and high. The sleeves could be trimmed down a touch but any changes you make would be personal taste at this point. My first shirts from MyTailor were my last. The fit was so uninspiring, they could have been purchased off the rack. If you're gonna have to chase down a fit you might as well go with Jantzen.
Some hats, maybe. It's tough to wear a fedora without looking like you're wearing a costume. I assume it's the same in the UK. Bold colors and paterns are a great way to stand out but it's easy to go overboard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason The 008's aren't just skinny, they have a very low rise and they are not elastic at all. Levi's will be more stretchy, the 008's wont give your legs much room. Thanks, Eason. Do you or anyone else know of a pair of jeans that fit close to the 511s, preferably with a low slub denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Yes, that was me. Don't remember where the post is but I have plenty of non-chainstitched jeans as well as chainstitched jeans that have roping. It has to do with how the fabric is slightly twisted when stitched. I still standby my vote for people not wasting their time tracking down a Union Special unless it's part of the service. You're not missing out on a damn thing. I agree. The main cause of...
Does anyone know how the 008s compare to Levi's 511s? Are they skinnier? The measurments on a my size 32 511s seem kinda close to the measurments BiG has on the size 32 008s except maybe for the rise.
My 003s were perfect when I first got them. I gave them a soak and they didn't shrink up much and became very comfortable very quick. They're actually relatively loose now. I'd say go for it. I love Somet denim! Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 I just recieved a pair of 003s from Context, and all I could say is "wow." Quality of denim and construction are top of the line. Currently, the fit is spot on, would you guys still recommend a...
This makes total sense now. I picked up a couple Duncan Quinn shirts from Gilt that were made in Italy and had MOP buttons. Nothing amazing but I liked the fit for the price. When more DQ shirts came up again I jumped on the chance to get a couple more. This time they were made in Turkey with plastic buttons. I didn't notice unfortunately until after I had washed them and couldn't return them. Certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.
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