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The J Press website makes mention of a 25% discount with a promo code. I can't find the code anywhere. Anybody have a code they can share? I tried signing up for the mailing list to see if it would give the code but the sign up is borked.
Typically very easy. I don't know of any rules of thumb for spacing. I'm partial to "kissing" where the buttons slightly overlap.
The shark has been jumped but I'll chime in anyway. For what it's worth, it sounds like Carl was probably just having a bad day and over reacted. By a mile. Shit happens. Everyone's been on both sides of it. It's certainly nothing an simple apology from one man to anonther wouldn't solve. Since it hasn't happened in 2 days and 13 pages I think most people have enough info to make an informed decision.
I have a lot of KW pocket squares and a lot of pocket squares in general. The size that the KW squares come in are definitely the best and my favorite all around size for any fold. Bigger squares are good for puffs but suck for TV folds. The rolled edges on Kent's squares are so freaking money.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff I doubt they're going to be last as merchants such as stp, vch, and ehaberdasher seem to have an endless stock of borrelli shirts not even counting all the shirts on ebay from the influx from europe. I should have clarified. I meant the last they would be getting at Lawrence Covell, the shop I was in.
Sorry for bumping an old thread. I didn't get any details but accoring to an SA at a local clothing shop Borrelli will be no more. I bought a couple shirts since they said they would be the last. Too bad because the're very nice and the cut is fantastic.
I can see Style Forum is right where I left it.
I'm in Venice right now on vacation and heading up to Varenna on Lake Como tomorrow. I figured I'd ask if there are any "can't miss" shops for menswear, shoes and accessories? We might take a day trip to Milan too but it looks like there is plenty of info in the archives on Milan. This isn't necessarily a shopping vacation but I'd hate to miss out on any gems while I'm in the area. Thanks!
What do you like or dislike about the shirt? That's what's important. If it were my shirt, I might trim up the sleeves, raise the arm holes and trim up the body. It's kind of tough to tell without tucked in pics. You're shirt looks just like the shirts I got from MyTailor. Decent but uninspiring fit. Looks like an off the rack shirt.
Most spam gets caught in the filter but since these messages are coming from "legit" companies I almost feel bad marking them as spam since it isn't in the technical sense. If I had this person's physical address I could at least send them a letter by snail mail saying "knock that shit off". If I had their IP address I wonder if I could call their ISP? I do have another email address but I've been using this one for so long it would be tough to give it up. Thanks for...
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