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Has anyone found a shop that will hem my jeans with a chain stitch if I ship them to them? I have an unworn pair of Somet and RRL jeans that I need hemmed and I don't trust my local tailor to be able to get some nice roping out of the hem. Help!
I don't own a bottle but have smelled it many times. It's a great, crisp spring and summer time fragrance. I don't see much down side.
The last couple suits I had made had button flys. So much nicer than zippers.
Pin stripe probably isn't the best option for a wedding. A solid shirt and any tasteful tie will do well though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Are you working thru a mens store, tailor shop or one these independent guys that takes measurements and sends cloth to a CTM House? Just curious. The sleeves are set too far to the front on all the jackets. Your tailor should ask the maker to rotate the sleeves to the back and trim down the sleeve cap. If were me, I would lower the buttoning position a good inch or so as well. He should also have the trousers cut...
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Why on earth wold you want a cashmere tie? cotton is good but both of these fail in comparison to silk. and with the way lien wrinkles you woudl want to use it for a tie. Wool is great for suits but were talking about ties not suits. I assumed you were joking in your first post. Unfortunately, it looks like you're completely serious.
There was a great place in Rome across from David Cenci. I got a couple cool jackets. I don't entirely recal the name but it was something like Cosimo Colona. In the link the street view should be pointing right at it.,137.62,,0,5 Edit: Here's where I found it. and Here's their Web site.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrenkin SC25OFF. Search harder next time. LOL, this was much easier.
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