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Quote: Originally Posted by dizzhizz nice. excessive but nice. LOL. Maybe I shouldn't post my others as these are two of my more subtle watches.
A couple of mine. I'll post the rest later.
Although it requires leaving your coat or jacket on, or an untucked shirt, a J frame with a Hip Grip is great for minimal bulk while carrying. You can do pretty much any IWB or OWB worn at about 4 or 5 o-clock as long as you leave your jacket on though.
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo Samurai S0500xx or S5000xx Thanks. Those were two I was considering. Any suggestion on which size or waist size I should start with?
Quote: Originally Posted by shade449 IN GENERAL, I find that most unsanforized jeans stretch about as much as they'll shrink in the waist, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just try them on pre-wash. If they fit a little too slim, you're probably not going to be able to fit in them post-wash to even get the stretching out process started so just send them back and try again. Obviously things like the inseam won't stretch so take that into...
I'm looking for my first pair of raw jeans. I've measured a pair of my favorite pre washed mall jeans and I'm looking for some advice on what raw jeans might fit similarly. The jeans I've measured are Levis 514's. waist 35 (they're pretty lose in the waist) fr rise 10.5 thigh 13 inseam 30 knee 9 opening 8.5 Since there seems to be so much variation in pre and post wash measurements how do I pick the right size? Most dimensions listed on web sites like Self...
I'm hoping this is the thread to get some help looking for my first raw denim. I've been wearing Levis 514 slim straight jeans in 34 30 and I really like the fit and style. I'd like to find some raw denim that fits like my 514's. Would the easiest way to find some similar jeans be to measure my 514's and try to find something similar? If so do I just start by measuring the waste, rise, legs, etc. this is probably a dumb question but how do I find the right size...
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