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He used to take measurements for Hemrajani. Looks like he struck out on his own.
Since they don't seem to be really slim, I'd go for a medium to full break. Any decent tailor should be able to give you that just by asking.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Sent you a private message.
Since I live in Denver, I want more quality options here, but it looks like they're geared towards costume pieces and not what most would consider bespoke. Anyone who knows anything about fine clothing probably won't take them seriously after looking at the website. Maybe they make an amazing soft shoulder garment but you'd never know from the pictures on the site because nothing looks like classically trained tailor made it. If you're looking for a custom Steampunk...
Natural is my preference.
They really do. They've even commissioned their own line recently which has brought some really cool stuff. Not sure who's making it but it seems like nice stuff to my untrained eye. I picked up an amazing linen jacket this summer under their own name and it quickly became a favorite.
I thought I'd post on the small chance someone here might see this and be interested. Denver is pretty sparse on shopping but is a diamond in the rough. They're having a Kiton trunk show on Friday and Caruso trunk show on Saturday.
Thanks, Jay-D. I picked up the Somet jeans here in the buy-sell forum.
Do you guys know if BiG or Blue Owl will do mail-ins? I asked Self Edge and they only take walk-ins or denim purchased from them. I'll check out Denim Doctors too. Thanks.
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