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When buying a jacket off the rack, what are the most important points of fit, or measurements if you're buying on line? I would think length obviously one of the first, especially for a short guy like myself. After that, is shoulder width or chest and back the more important measurement? Which is easier to deal with in alterations? For me, I find a lot of jackets that have the proper chest and back have shoulders that are too wide for my taste. Am I making a mistake...
Any fit pics of the new shirts yet?
I'd say yes but it's a relatively subjective question. To me it looks like it's on the wide side but that looks good on guys with a slender frame like yourself. It really comes down to the style and expression of the jacket and, more importantly, your taste. What's the make?
The shoulders look good to me. Without seeing it, I'd be afraid the next size up would have too big shoulders. The rest of the fit around the body can be adjusted by your tailor as needed.
I purchased and returned one of their slim fit dress shirts. The quality was acceptable for a shirt on sale at about 45 bucks. I picked the same size I would in the BB extra slim and it was too big. I imagine if I sized down it would probably fit similar to the BB. Slim fit is a relative term. I'm not exactly a skinny guy and neither the BB extra slim or JCrew slim are very slim to me. They're just the size shirts should be.
In Denver I like Lawrence Covell, Andrisen Morton and the RL boutique in the mall.
Tortoise all the way.
If anything, It might be a little tight in the chest. Some of that is the sweater but I'm 160 lbs and have a relatively big chest and upper back. I think it's laying fairly well in the second pic though. It could be let out and taken in since I've been going to the gym regularly. At 28 inches from BOC, the jacket definitely isn't too long. The pants are skinny for MC standards but I'm happy with how they look and move IRL. (other than the length) Thanks for the...
It's comfortable. LOL My jacket could actually be taken in a bit since I've lost some weight around the middle. I'm 5'6" so my legs are going to look short in just about any picture. I should just put an "I'm short" disclaimer in my waywrn posts. I think if the pants were hemmed it would look better and less sloppy though.
My new chinos need to be hemmed. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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