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Really depends on the fit you're looking for. Assuming this has been washed and dried, to me it's a little full all around for a custom shirt. Start with the darts minimum. Sleeves look a little too full and long. Cuffs maybe a little big. It's not a bad shirt. Just looks like something you could get off the rack though at this point.
The side seams would typically be taken in for waist suppression. If you don't already have one, now you get to begin your life long adventure of finding a good tailor.
I've tried most of the American Crew offerings. For that I'd try the Boost Powder, Fiber or Molding Clay and maybe some hairspray for hold.
Ughhh. How fucking boring.
This.Buy a jacket that has shoulders that look properly sized to the proportions of your body and the expression you're looking for. If you have narrow shoulders you may want something that extends a bit and gives you a broader shoulder. If you already have broad shoulders a narrower, softer shoulder may look more balanced. The rest can be taken in and let out. Don't just buy the jacket that fits you closest in the chest.For length, the jacket bottom should come close...
I don't typically comment negatively but since you're asking for an opinion, I think they're a little small. Particularly if that's how you normally wear your hair.
Based on the names and what I've seen online, a lot of the SS models seem to be somewhat more "Italian" cuts which will have narrower, softer shoulders. When you say your shoulders are around 19", is that a measurement on your body or the measurement of the shoulder width of one of your favorite suits? I purchased a Napoli model which should arrive tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
Anywhere locally that offers Samuelsohn MTM?
Good point. Softer and narrower shoulders definitely look better on me due to my build. I feel like a more English shoulder looks decent on my frame as long as the point to point isn't too wide. Unfortunately most jackets with that expression have a shoulder that I feel is too wide if I buy to my size chest size.
Great. Thanks for all the input. I've been threatening to try something from Suit Supply and they just added shoulder width measurements to their size guides.
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