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Dropped by the opening briefly and drank some bubbly. There were a lot more people there than I was expecting. As a whole, I don't really consider Denver a well dressed town. Too busy enjoying the outdoors I suppose. There were a lot of well dressed people there though. Maybe there's hope for us after all. Really looking forward to going back to actually shop in the next few weeks.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll curb my expectations.
Hmmm... Maybe they didn't have free tailoring. Just same day. I don't remember now. Hopefully the tailor they use in house will be good. Same day will be nice too.
Do they still do free in store tailoring? I've purchase stuff online from them but end up paying quite a bit in tailoring on top.
Did anyone else get an email invite to the SuitSupply Denver store opening on Nov 21st in Cherry Creek? I'm pretty excited to be getting a SuitSupply store here. I feel like Denver is a little small market compared to the cities they've been opening up in.
FYI, I've been pretty happy with Erol's. Pricey and not quick but seems to be pretty good work. I really like the tailor at Lawrence Covell but they only work on stuff sold there.
Thanks again for the feedback. My groomsmen have all been to at least one wedding this year so far where they would have worn it had they owned a decent suit so I'm confident they'll get good use out of them but you make a good point that maybe I don't need to spend more on a suit if they really don't have the same appreciation as me. I'll be sure to go with all of them to make sure they get a properly sized suit and take them to my tailor that I trust after. I'll do...
Thanks for the links. I'll pour over those and come back if I have more questions. Any thoughts on suits within that budget?
I'm getting married early this fall and at this point the plan is for me and 3 groomsmen to wear navy suits. I have my fair share of suits but my groomsmen have no suits at all as far as I know. I'd like to get them suits as gifts or at least pay half so I'm trying to set a budget of 500-600 before tailoring. Tight budget, I know. I know they'll all get good use out of a staple suit if they had them. My first thought was something like a Benjamin suit from...
I've been hunting for a braided cotton or canvas belt, preferably in navy. Something I can wear with chinos and boat shoes or original vans. I saw a couple at Jcrew and Brook Bros but I figured I'd see if anyone knew of a better option. Maybe somethng from a forum vendor. I searched around the boards but haven't found much yet.
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