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Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac If you were planning to do the 2-bedroom-with-random-roommate thing, you are better off using a broker to find the apartment, and then letting people come to you to apply as roommate. Make up the broker fee by charging $50 extra a month, or whatever. Finding a NYC apartment on your own is a real pain in the ass, it is even harder to get in as a roommate. They will have 50 applicants for one spot. i have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Ward=PHENOM. Legend in the making. Eli wasn't as on as I hoped he was, would've gotten picked off about 3 times if the Panthers didn't suck so much dick. Super Bowl bound ward has put up some great numbers this season but to say phenom is a bit overkill, bradshaw in my opinion is better but for some reason coughlin and gilbride see him as the third option. jacobs is still the leader of trio and the most...
bought mine on amazon, helps if you know exactly what you want to buy
Quote: Originally Posted by Berticus Game theory and marketing. Don't spoil your target, but don't completely ignore her. Walk into her group and make nice with all the guys so they won't cockblock you. However, don't get too comfortable, make it look like you're ready to leave at any moment. If she tries to grab your attention, neg her. Say how she's grabby, an attention whore or demanding. Phase two --- you isolate her and give her one on one time. A...
i am echoing the volkl bridges salomon pocket rockets or salomon gun's (they are the same ski just different names) i have a preference for twin tips
Quote: Originally Posted by KFS I haven't got the time to post an answer in full right now but I'll get back to you... I promise. me too....
mine has been delivered to my job, just waiting for the mail room guys to bring it to me just got it
why should you have to "carry" the conversation? if you and said person get along and enjoy eachother's company conversation should be effortless. even when there is silence there shouldn't be that feeling of awkwardness. a lot can be communicated non-verbally. sounds like you feel pressured about making the situation into something it may not be.
an interesting piece of info would be what are the fund raising stats for those university presidents. i bet those in the upper echelons of these ranks have a pretty good track record of bringing piles of money for their respective colleges and unis.
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