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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger no, defective pair/did you bang into something super hard? Nope, was just walking around in my hotel room, when I heard a noise and wondered what the heck it could have been. Then I saw the rivet on the floor. I tried to finagle the rivet back into place with some pliers but no dice.
Got a pair of RRL slim bootcuts, and the second day I wore them, the rivet on the pocket nearest the buttons flew off. That previously happened with a pair of 501s I had just washed and not worn as well. Is there a propensity for those rivets to come off, and is there anything I can do about it?
You can get shoelaces at tons of places. Target, Walmart, most likely any shoe store. Another option is cutting your laces and making new aglets like so:
Target's slim chinos are slim in name only. The actual fit is circus tent-like, with your leg the pole in the middle.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Where can I get slimmer shoe trees? I bought a pair at Nordstrom, and I think they is fuckin' up ma sheuz. I think you can size down or sand the ones you do have down. A PITA, but it should work.
I bought the Highlanders roughly a year ago on eBay. Aside from the price, another issue was that the heels were badly worn and in need of replacing (which the seller failed to mention and the picture quality failed to show). I just stuck in some plastic heel taps I bought at Albertsons and used them anyway. I should really get them reheeled properly though. All of the shoes are used from eBay. Something I forgot to mention, the heels on the Highlander were all...
It probably doesn't help much because of, as someone mentioned, the vastly differing levels of quality in even the same company during different periods, but I'll give a comparison of my Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan longwings and Keith Highlander shell cordovan longwings. The Imperials have leather that is about 2 mm thick compared to the leather on the Highlanders have it at around 1 mm thick. The coloring on the Imperials is richer and shinier than on the...
From, boxer briefs are on sale for $10, buy one get one free, which in addition to the 20% off code makes them pretty cheap. They do charge tax to some states, but it's still a good deal. They have the other regular briefs and boxers as well as some other stuff. - Cotton Jersey Sale + 20% off & Free Shipping Extra 20% off (even sale items) + get free shipping on any order with coupon CODE: 16243 Add 2 in quantity box and the...
For all the raunch it contains, it is surprisingly sweet, much like the 40 Year Old Virgin. I quite enjoyed it.
Is it animation from Kricfalusi? It doesn't bother me.
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