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Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor if its just a small bubble only under the collar, then its lower the collar. if its a roll that extends "across" the back also below the collar its different. then the back must be shortened from the top, and thats for a tailor. just dont go to a cleaner unless he is really a tailor. It is only a collar issue. I wouldn't have purchased it if the whole back needed shortening.
I read the definitive NYC tailor thread, but my question was not answered there. I recently purchased a NWT Signature Line Suit. There are a few things that need changing, the only major alteration, however, is to have the collar lowered. I imagine this requires an expert tailor, but I can't find anyone who has actually had this alteration done successfully in New York. I imagine that, since this was purchased at an outlet it can't be taken to the Ralph Lauren...
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon a. do not get your suit dry cleaned after every use ... it should be dry cleaned once a year (max), I dry clean mine maybe 2/3 times as stains arise ... outside of this use a steamer to de wrinkle the suit. Ideally suits should have a day's rest between wearing, but if you've only got the one, or it's your favourite then just go for it. b. four in hand c. steamer ... whatever you do, don't iron it. +1
not a good idea if the shirt has been cleaned and the color inside and outside the pocket is likely to be slightly different, but noticable.
For an interview, solid white or light blue shirt. I usually wear a burgondy tie with a small repeating pattern in blue or white.
I did, but I am still looking so I posted it again. Is that against the rules?
color combination is fine, but something about the texture of the tie and the texture of the shirt together rubs me the wrong way.
Looking for a black label suit or similarly cut slim fitting suit. Prefer a conservative color (navy or charcoal), but would consider grey or some patterns. Pics and measurements help a lot.
Yes, to slimmer sleeves. I would actually do slimmer everywhere. Also, it appears that there is a difference between your right and left shoulder that the tailor failed to take into account. Is your right shoulder narrower than your left?
Filenes at 79th & Broadway has a bunch of Brioni stuff in, including a few suits, pants, shirts, ties, and odd jackets. There are also a bunch of Canali shirts and ties.
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