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I am in NY and am looking to purchase a RLBL suit in navy, charcoal, or other conservative color. I love the fit, but can't afford the 2K price tag. If anyone finds one for sale or at an outlet, I would be interested in buying. Thanks a lot.
For all those about to interview at law firms for their summer jobs, could one of the attorneys on this board set us straight, please? Do I have to wear a white shirt or can I go light blue or ecru? Thanks.
I think the Soho is a better looking shoe
400 - 500 Is C&J from plal.com 500 - 750 Is Vass (pushing the upper limits of the price, though)
I put on a black label suit today in a 38S and it fit nearly perfectly. By far the best of the rack suit I have ever worn. Unfortunately, I didn't have the 2K and so now begins the ebay and outlet hunt. Anyone know how the Black label fits when compared to Purple (or blue or polo)? Anyone know the measurements of the jacket? Anyone seen any in 38S at an outlet recently? Thanks a lot.
The Filene's Basement down by Madison Square Park has a bunch of Canali shirts, ties, and suits in
The better choice is the one that fits the best. And is at the right intersection of price and quality for you. It could be either one.
It certainly helps that they are able to pay their sewers slave wages. Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven 100/2 from China are not very good. How do you think they keep prices so low. And the fabric felt so smooth on the computer screen.
I am 5'8" 150 lb. I have a slightly short torso and generally wear a 38 in suits (either R or S depending on the cut). I have a 30" waist. I am looking for a high quality sportcoat in near new or new condition for under $200. Let me know if you have something that fits the bill. Thanks.
I enjoy my one pair of Aldens and think, for the price, they were a good deal. Nevertheless, for a similar price you can get C&J through PLAL or at the T&A sales. I think my C&J handgrades are a clear step above in both quality and in attractiveness. One was cheaper than my Aldens (sale) and one was similar in price (PLAL). I still plan on buying a wingtip boot from Alden at some point. But, my other purchases will be limited to C&J, Vass, Allen Edmonds on ebay,...
New Posts  All Forums: