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Amazing that Carl, a local shirtmaker, is that helpful in helping others get the proper fit in a shirt purchased elswhere. Certainly goes above and beyond "customer service."
I know, but the charcoal socks didn't look great with the shoes and the shirt/tie combo. I prefer tying the whole outfit together with my shoes and would have loved some charcoal/blue or charcoal/brown socks.
I wore burgondy Alden shoes which look like shell cordovan ... it worked, but I didn't have the right color socks (in fact, I am not even sure what the right color socks would be)
I went for it and it worked out great. Two unsolicited compliments. The shirt was white with darker and lighter blue and brown stripes and the tie was brown with some small light blue squares.
well this guy was also pretty bad! i think it is one thing if you are old and great and quite another when you are young and quite bad
it was actually pretty bad. some rubber soled, brown, square toed (but likely expensive in the designer crap kind of way) monstrocities
I was watching a criminal trial today. The ADA was wearing the most inappropriate clothing I have seen since the defense attorney (12b) in Crocs a few weeks ago. The attorney was quite short (maybe 5'6"), young (perhaps 29), and skinny with an Italian complexion. He was wearing a very nice three piece navy with white pinstripe suit. It was, however, very slim fitting (perhaps a RLBL, but I think it may have been custom made). He wore a bright orange (think glow in...
Thinking of going with a brown checked shirt and a brown tie under a dark charcoal suit tomorrow (either black or cordovan shoes). Any thoughts on the combo? thanks
upper part of the sleeves seems too wide for my taste and, assuming you tuck it in, I would add an inch or two of length.
that is very generous . . . pm sent
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