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For an interview, solid white or light blue shirt. I usually wear a burgondy tie with a small repeating pattern in blue or white.
I did, but I am still looking so I posted it again. Is that against the rules?
color combination is fine, but something about the texture of the tie and the texture of the shirt together rubs me the wrong way.
Looking for a black label suit or similarly cut slim fitting suit. Prefer a conservative color (navy or charcoal), but would consider grey or some patterns. Pics and measurements help a lot.
It may have been said, but Obama was magna cum laude at Harvard. Given that they rarely give out summa cum laude (sometimes no one in a graduating class gets it), it is safe to say that Obama was one of the best legal minds at Harvard during his stay. A professor of mine was a classmate of his at Harvard. This professor went on to clerk on the Supreme Court and is generally regarded as one of the few truly brilliant young minds in constitutional law. He says that he...
Yes, to slimmer sleeves. I would actually do slimmer everywhere. Also, it appears that there is a difference between your right and left shoulder that the tailor failed to take into account. Is your right shoulder narrower than your left?
Filenes at 79th & Broadway has a bunch of Brioni stuff in, including a few suits, pants, shirts, ties, and odd jackets. There are also a bunch of Canali shirts and ties.
The C & J shoetrees that they sell at the C & J store in New York (inside of T & A) are not lasted. For $100, they seem like a total waste of money - no better than the woodlore epic. I am also not a big fan of their trees because they feel treated and I worry they are less absorbant. In my opinion they are not worth the money. If they were truly lasted, then maybe.
Looking for stuff in a solid blue, grey, or charcoal - but would consider others (particularly conservative stripes). Please let me know.
I have shirts from Carl in that price range as well as some in a higher range. I am quite pleased with them. It is true that the fabric quality goes up substantially with an increase in cost, but what is nice about Carl is that the construction quality on my cheapest shirt from him is just as high as my most expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: