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Thanks ... I did a search, but I appreciate your help.
Anywhere in manhattan to buy saphir polish? Thanks a lot
not my style at all. they appear to have a red tint to them, but who knows with internet pictures.. if you like them, then they were worth it.
Something in a navy or charcoal would be ideal. I would be open to other options (no black). Prefer NWT, but would compromise.
thanks, I sent her a message, but no reply yet ... still looking if folks have any leads.
where are you located? $120 will get you a pretty good shirt from CEGO .. $150 will get you a very good one.
I second leffot for shoes ...
Anyone know a sales associate at the Ralph Lauren store at Woodbury Commons? I am looking for some black label suits and want to find a sales associate who will call me when my size comes in. Thanks in advance.
I called, they said they didn't have any, but I didn't really trust the guy on the other end of the phone ... does anyone have a contact there?
I am in NY and am looking to purchase a RLBL suit in navy, charcoal, or other conservative color. I love the fit, but can't afford the 2K price tag. If anyone finds one for sale or at an outlet, I would be interested in buying. Thanks a lot.
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