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Where do you live? There might be discount stores there worth checking out. If you, however, are only concerned with a single interview, and you are pressed for time, and you are not interviewing somewhere that clothing especially matters, then you will probably be fine just getting a cheap suit and being more careful in future decisions.
I bike to work with one of these: http://www.eaglecreek.com/packing_solutions/packing_folders/Pack-It-Folder-15-41068/ in a backpack. Similar, but much cheaper. While not perfect, it is a passable solution and it certainly reduces (but doesn't eliminate) creasing associated with commuting.
What are the dimensions of the bottom bag?
This is such a great deal. It I didn't already own basically the same Vass shoe (my has a medallion), I would be all over these.
Beautiful dog. Quit walking on the dunes.
You realize that his say "Newland" on them, right?
Sadly, I think that the PC cut can only be MTM through Paul Stuart.
I know a lot of people who have gotten their first suit when traveling in Asia. Frankly, none of them worked out. Your better bet for a first suit would be to go to a typical brick and mortar store where someone knows something about fit and pick one out there and have it tailored in house. As you learn more about what does and does not work with your body, you can branch out into the custom world.
You are an asshole.OP (and posterity): "Ply" is basically how many strands are twisted together to make a single thread. Here is a link that might help: http://propercloth.com/dress-shirt-fabrics The side column deals with "ply." I know nothing of the site and can't vouch for it, but I assume that it is at least mostly accurate and, if not, someone who knows more than me will point out what is wrong with it.
You can make some little changes, but flexibility basically depends on who you are working through (I have only used leffot) and what your changes are, but my sense is that it is basically done on a case-by-case basis.
New Posts  All Forums: