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I have already put in my two-cents about using CEGO, which is the only person I have bought a shirt from in the past four and a half years (since my first order). I much prefer having my shirtmaker local and having the shirts made in the United States. I think this, all other things being equal, makes quality and service better, since you can always talk to your shirtmaker and he has a tight handle on the manufacturing process. The fit and personal service have always...
Just go to Carl (CEGO). The few extra bucks a shirt over your budget will be more than worth it. Today I am wearing a shirt that he made for me four years ago. Fit is great and it has held up remarkably well. You won't be dissapointed.
RLBL made to measure
why not ask your groomsmen, rather than us?
You misunderstood OP. The salesperson DID use a shoehorm and AE DID teach the cashier about them when she started working there.
Yep . . . not the least of which is due to the rapid rise in prices in B & S and demise of long-time active posters.
I don't doubt it, and I have certainly had limited exposure, but it is far from the norm, at least in NYC.
I am not sure that I have ever seen a "big-law" lawyer argue in court in brown shoes. Not saying it hasn't happened, just that I haven't noticed it. I certainly have never seen an associate accompanying a "big-law" lawyer (well, other than me, I guess) wear brown shoes. You are right that it is perfectly acceptable, but if OP is going to be at some place like Sullivan & Cromwell in NYC this summer, he should buy a pair of black oxfords.
That will be fine. Get it in black. No reason to stand out as a summer.
Where do you live? There might be discount stores there worth checking out. If you, however, are only concerned with a single interview, and you are pressed for time, and you are not interviewing somewhere that clothing especially matters, then you will probably be fine just getting a cheap suit and being more careful in future decisions.
New Posts  All Forums: