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I believe you mean to say that "wedding shoes" should not be that color. I would say that it depends on the wedding. We aren't having a formal affair, but, rather, are getting married on a farm. amongst friends and family who are being encouraged to dress relatively casually. Hard to argue that brown doesn't belong on a farm and I can't think of anything about exchanging rings, kissing, or dancing that would require black shoes. But, it is my first wedding, so I could...
yeah, will likely keep it simple with the white PS ... and will certainly post a pic (and a bunch more of the shoes once they arrive). thanks.
Thanks again. Current plan is navy suit (Phineas Cole, single-breasted, 2-button), white shirt (CEGO), light blue/white linen tie (Panta), deciding between white linen pocket square and a white wool one with a light blue outline and polka dots. Though I am always tweaking it and would be happy to hear suggestions.
Thanks. I will be wearing these to my wedding in a few weeks.
These are on their way.
Great price, you you probably should read the rules on paypal stuff and edit your post wicked quick
Do you need shirts or someone to fix a shirt you already have?
good deal. and if they are a 9, i know someone who wants the pair, so if you don't get it, pm me.
Those are the three I would choose from for that kind of event. EMP and Per Se will require you to call for reservations pretty much the moment the phone lines open (they do a month in advance, i believe to the calendar day, but you should certainly check for yourself). Le Bernardin is a bit easier, though if you want a prime time reservation, you will have to call when the books open (they do something a bit different, but I don't remember what). At either EMP or Per...
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