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well, you are at five months, but only because there have been two send backs. the turn around you are detailing (1-2 months) is pretty typical (at least in my experience) for shirts. that said, it sounds like you are having fit issues and maybe what you want i a shirt is either (1) not being accurately expressed to your shirt maker or (2) not something your shirt maker can manage. In either case, it may be time to rethink your approach.
i don't even have an ipad and i want one of those
Congrats, Ed. Really looking forward to seeing your stuff.
There are a million threads on this already. But, just yesterday, I received a box of shirts in the mail (I recently moved from NYC) from Carl at CEGO. I first bought shirts from him more than four years ago and have been an enthusiastic support ever since. There are more expensive options out there that others swear by and I haven't tried, but, for the money, it is hard to be CEGO.
Ugh! If you ever get a wingtip boot in an 8.5, please let me know.
Change either the square or the tie. That the two are basically opposite patterns detracts from the fit. White linen square would work better.
I have already put in my two-cents about using CEGO, which is the only person I have bought a shirt from in the past four and a half years (since my first order). I much prefer having my shirtmaker local and having the shirts made in the United States. I think this, all other things being equal, makes quality and service better, since you can always talk to your shirtmaker and he has a tight handle on the manufacturing process. The fit and personal service have always...
Just go to Carl (CEGO). The few extra bucks a shirt over your budget will be more than worth it. Today I am wearing a shirt that he made for me four years ago. Fit is great and it has held up remarkably well. You won't be dissapointed.
RLBL made to measure
why not ask your groomsmen, rather than us?
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