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As others have said, it just isn't that hard. Between my fiance and I, we never spend more than two mornings before we get one (i.e., we both might miss on day 1, but one of us gets one on day 2). The trick is to know what the grid looks like ahead of time and to know the difference between an unavailable and available box so that you can immediately click on an available one. Then sort the rest out (i.e., making sure you have that night free, etc.) later.Heck, once a...
I have been to Ko, Ssan Bar, and Noodle Bar multiple times each. Ko is bar seating, tasting menu, composed dishes. Ssam Bar is a slightly fancier, more expensive, version of noodle bar with slightly more complicated composed dishes. Ssam Bar, which I like a lot, isn't close to the 40th best restaurant in the United States, or, as the list would have it, a top 5 restaurant in NYC. Per Se, EMP, Corton, The Modern, Le Bernardin, Craft, Ko, and many others provide better...
Strange. My first visit in 2008 was phenomenal. My most recent two (2012) were also phenomenal. A few in between were only very good. Perhaps its worth a return?
I wear an 8.5 in most Allen Edmonds' lasts and a 42 in the U-last, though some who post here, including some whose experience and knowledge far outstrip my own, have had different results. I have also heard rumblings about a recent change in Vass sizing, but I have not experienced it myself.
I assume that much of the "feel" you are referring to has to do with "fit" and so it is nearly impossible for us to predict for you. There are a million threads on the "worth" question. The answer boils down to: only if you think it is.
I just got my first Panta tie in the mail yesterday (have a few pairs of Ed's awesome trousers) and it is wonderful. Easily superior to every other tie that I own in its price range ($99-$120) and the peer to many of the much more expensive offerings I have seen. It is great to have such a great local option. Thanks, Ed. Also, I have a few swatches from Ed of some of his linen offerings. I will be done with them soon and would be more than happy to pass them along to...
[[SPOILER]] Those are wonderful. Thank you for posting.
well, you are at five months, but only because there have been two send backs. the turn around you are detailing (1-2 months) is pretty typical (at least in my experience) for shirts. that said, it sounds like you are having fit issues and maybe what you want i a shirt is either (1) not being accurately expressed to your shirt maker or (2) not something your shirt maker can manage. In either case, it may be time to rethink your approach.
i don't even have an ipad and i want one of those
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