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How about some pics of them open looking down the shaft at the ribs?
Do these come with trees? If you have the three-eyelet in a US 8.5, please let me know (pm). Thanks
Are they 42 or 41.5? What is shipping to the U.S.?
I received my dry cleaning back and, overall, am pleased. I thought that they did a good job with the lapels on my suits and everything came back pretty much looking like it should. I was a little disappointed by the quality of the hangers and the materials used to return the suits, but that seems pretty unimportant at the end of the day.Will use again.Thanks.
I have the light blue silk/linen and it is an absolutely wonderful tie.
Thanks, TC. Scheduling a pick up with Coronet now. I appreciate the help.
I have two panta ties and love them.
Anyone have any experience? I am happy to pay a bit more if they will treat my stuff right. Thanks! (Note: I did search the forum and found nothing.)
Many thanks. The website is awesome and Txepextra looks great, especially because I am a bit anchovy fan.
Yeah, he did a Spain episode on no reservations, which looked awesome. I've heard the Guggenheim in Bilbao is supposed to be great, but hadn't considered an architectural tour as well. I'll look into it. Thank!
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