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Wait, your going to try and return shoes that have no flaw that you bought a year ago?
I am not an expert here, perhaps one of our resident shoemakers will chime in. But there are three things to keep in mind: (1) Your feet are different sizes. This is true for practically everyone. (2) There is much more to fit than length and width. Unless there is something screwy with your feet, you'll just have to find a last that works better for you. (3) If this is just a cosmetic thing (i.e, they feel comfortable and your feet are not hurting at the end of the...
The lace gap is probably fine (some shoes are made to close more than that, but the gap on yours is pretty normal). But if you are standing normally and there is that much space between your ankle and the shoe, the shoe doesn't fit.
They don't fit you well. That's not Allen Edmonds's fault.
Congrats. Where are you located? Having a jacket custom made might be faster and easier than you think, especially if the alternative is running from store to store trying to find something (anything) that fits. There was a poster here a while back who had a number of suits made for her that looked pretty fantastic. Not sure if she is still around, but she might be able to offer you some practical advice.
If you tell us the restaurant, we'll tell you the dress code. I would not wear any more formal than a dark suit to the French Laundry.
I got a pair in brown and love them. Wish one in black in 8.5 would pop up on their site.
I am so tempted here.
Can we get a close up of the material and of the full tags? Thanks.
$650 is a great price. If I didn't have these shoes, I'd buy them. If someone buys the shoes, I'd buy the belt from you separately if that helps sweeten the deal.
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