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Can we get a close up of the material and of the full tags? Thanks.
$650 is a great price. If I didn't have these shoes, I'd buy them. If someone buys the shoes, I'd buy the belt from you separately if that helps sweeten the deal.
Those are great, actually. I prefer them to the Paul Stuart ones. Only concern is I don't know my Carmina sizing (I am sure the search function will help with that).
I like that boot a lot. Sadly, I can't find a stocklist. Leffot in NYC can get me one, but there is a wait.
I'm in the maket and simply can't find something that is both (1) in stock and (2) well-made. I am trying to keep this purchase under $800, if possible. Everyone appears to be out of the Crocket & Jones boot. Anybody have any suggestions of where I can find something decent without waiting months for it to be made? I am an 8.5 D U.S. Note: I have seen these from Paul Stuart : ...
I have them on the F last and love em. I'd buy the belt separately.
How about some pics of them open looking down the shaft at the ribs?
Do these come with trees? If you have the three-eyelet in a US 8.5, please let me know (pm). Thanks
EDIT: Got an email last night. Problem solved.So, now I have emailed and used their online request thing a couple of times and have just gotten radio silence. Does anyone know how to get in touch with these guys?
Just got a great pair of wool pants in the mail. Sadly (and this is totally my fault), I meant to order a 30, but accidentally ordered a 28. I assume I can just ship 'em back to you and you'll send me the 30? I am happy to pay for shipping, since this is clearly my fault. Thanks.
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