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Be nice to the professor.
If OP is measuring himself, the margin of error is far greater than the thickness of an undershirt.
you're measuring your body, not the clothing you happen to be wearing at the time.
Yeah. These are great.
These are perfect. Do you have an 8/8.5D on sale?
I picked these up from Malford: 10) Edward Green "Silverstone" SOLD Size: UK 8 / US 8.5 Last: 888 Fitting: UK E (Standard) Color: Black B grade?: Yes Fault: Unable to locate They are great, but a bit wide for me. I think that I need 8/8.5D I'd be happy to trade for a pair in my size or ship to you at my cost (i.e., what I paid malford + what it costs to ship to you).
Where are you located? Go to your local Alden shop (since you mentioned them) and get some longwings (since you mentioned them) in #8 shell cordovan. These are pretty darn versatile. Then order a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues in black. These are just for your suit days. Now you can rotate your shoes and won't destroy 'em.
I'd leave a little more room for your junk, especially if wearing to work (unless you are mayor of san diego)
Wait, your going to try and return shoes that have no flaw that you bought a year ago?
I am not an expert here, perhaps one of our resident shoemakers will chime in. But there are three things to keep in mind: (1) Your feet are different sizes. This is true for practically everyone. (2) There is much more to fit than length and width. Unless there is something screwy with your feet, you'll just have to find a last that works better for you. (3) If this is just a cosmetic thing (i.e, they feel comfortable and your feet are not hurting at the end of the...
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