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Great stuff.
Can anyone tell me what materials John Lobb uses for its RTW shanks? Is there plastic anywhere in Lobb's shoes?
Shoes being treated like shoes. Love it. While I can't quite bring myself around to accepting ware and tare (or is it wear and tear), I do appreciate it when others can. (Though the writing on them goes a bit far, even for me.) I hope you keep enjoying them.
This +1000.today i'm wearing my Vass Old English 2, U-Last in antique cognac. aportnoy helped me with sizing and care. though my collection remains meager, my feet (if not my wallet) are forever in his debt.
These are great. If you're having fit issues, I'd be happy to trade for the EG boots in my signature.
Every tie here: http://www.pantaclothing.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=93
really nice!
I'm not so sure. The D width fits me quite well, and E is certainly too wide.
You are asking a very, very general question that would require scores of pages to answer. There are differences regarding price, execution, turn-around time, style, etc. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of posts on this precise issue that you'll find if you use the search feature. I'd suggest starting there and then posing any specific unanswered questions. Asking for a comparison of seven different tailors who have been discussed many, many times won't get you...
New Posts  All Forums: