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Thanks for the great interview. My two great cravings whenever I'm back in New York are bagels and new shirts from CEGO.
Can anyone comment on U.S. sizing?
Address: 246 Fifth Ave., Suite 200 (Fifth Ave. at 28th Street) New York, NY 10001 You might call first to set up an appointment: Telephone: (212) 620-4512 E-mail:
CEGO. Today I'm wearing a shirt Carl made me almost five years ago. Still looks great. You're not going to do better for your money in Manhattan.
Beautiful. What size?
There is so much variation in shell color that having a perfectly matching belt and shoes is almost impossible. And, even if it weren't, there would be no reason to perfectly match. So, you're fine. Accepting that advice will keep you from going crazy.
Othertravel: IF you find they fit closer to an 8.5, I'll buy em off you.
Great stuff.
Can anyone tell me what materials John Lobb uses for its RTW shanks? Is there plastic anywhere in Lobb's shoes?
Shoes being treated like shoes. Love it. While I can't quite bring myself around to accepting ware and tare (or is it wear and tear), I do appreciate it when others can. (Though the writing on them goes a bit far, even for me.) I hope you keep enjoying them.
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