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The made in Italy Ralph Lauren are not great. But at 50% off they are fine. Same with those Testoni's. The two shoes appear to be of similar quality so just get what you like more, unless there's substantial price difference.
That's not a tie, i'd sell. looks great on you.
where are you located?
Brooks brothers Madison Suit in a 40R. Tailored in store to "fit" me, but the truth is I'm a 38 so it never did fit. 30" inseam 32" waist on the trousers. Shipping from Houston. Free to first pm.
someone really should buy these
do you have the sleeve buttons as well?
I have 49 shirts from CEGO acquired over the past 6-7 years. During that time, the closet has gone from 50% me/50% wife to 95% me/5% wife. Wife doesn't like Carl as much as I do.
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