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I appreciate the thought, but that is far too modern for my taste.
Thanks, I will take a look at those suggestions.A place for booze, and some booze-specific glassware. I don't need a drawer, but I'll take one or two. And I don't need or want wine storage.
This at least suggests that there are choices you'd like more. I'd be very interested in seeing them.
Thanks. We are leaning towards the first one. It's probably $3.5K shipped to the states.
I sat in this last week and really liked it:
I'm looking for a bar cabinet. Less than 5K. Mid-century modern style home (both archetecture and other furniture). Here are some initial option, and I welcome thoughts about these or other suggestions: needs to be between 40" and 50" long and no higher than 45"
Thank you.
I am starting the daunting process of furnishing a mid-century modern home in Houston. Can someone who knows what they're talking about give me the 30-second analysis of design within reach? I'm generally fine with the price point, and appreciate seeing in one store lots of stuff I find visually appealing . But I don't know anything about furniture or furniture construction, and certainly don't want to miss out on viable, superior alternatives simply because I'm...
I've never made a post like this before, but my experience in Paris earlier this month at Aubercy requires one now. My first day in Paris I stopped by the Aubercy shop to look around. The shoes were stunning. So much so that my wife was only a little bored. I had a brilliant time walking around the shop and was struck by the craftsmanship of the shoes. Both what you can see (the stitching is impeccable, the lines clean, the leather flawless) and what you (or at least...
Paris? Already have reservations at the high end places we plan to try. But where can we walk-in and enjoy great food.
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