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do you have the sleeve buttons as well?
I have 49 shirts from CEGO acquired over the past 6-7 years. During that time, the closet has gone from 50% me/50% wife to 95% me/5% wife. Wife doesn't like Carl as much as I do.
if those were 41.5 or the u-last, they'd be mine. great deal.
Has this been altered?
Thanks, Ed. Looking forward to it.
Anybody know when the next run of pants will be made available? I'm itching for another pair or two.
I am in the same boat with a pair of these same pants in a 46 (28). If only your needed a smaller (not larger) size, we could swap. What's the deal with HY not responding?
Houston has a number of expensive dry cleaners, but none that I've found offer great quality. You might be okay with with Twin Oaks Cleaner and Laundry.
Thanks for the great interview. My two great cravings whenever I'm back in New York are bagels and new shirts from CEGO.
Can anyone comment on U.S. sizing?
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