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I disagree.
You selling any of the Talbott socks? PM if so.
This is fantastic.
My first effort on that front was for my wedding in 2013. I ordered a pair of Canterbury boots with calf and suede. I really liked the subtle contrast and have since experimented a bit with leather and wool/tweed. It's sometimes challenging to match with my clothes, but I've grown to really like the look.
My shoes are ready and being shipped. I'll certainly update with full pics, but here's a teaser:
Hey now, I bought a lovely James Ensor etching online live. Auction was in London, and didn't want to wake the wife by talking on the phone at 4am.
It's surprisingly comfortable, not bulky, easy to recline, etc. I'll likely by one in the next month or two. It was easily my favorite chair after a day of comparison shopping in Houston.
Wood block print auction:
I've been shopping for dining chairs for months. The only thing I'm certain of is that I will eventually pay about 3x more than I originally anticipated. It's a painful process.My wife is pretty set on the Jens Risom side chair in walnut with steel blue webbing. may pull the trigger, but holy hell chairs are expensive. I'm 35 and this is the first time I've had to buy one.
at least we won't be bidding against each other!
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