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I've never made a post like this before, but my experience in Paris earlier this month at Aubercy requires one now. My first day in Paris I stopped by the Aubercy shop to look around. The shoes were stunning. So much so that my wife was only a little bored. I had a brilliant time walking around the shop and was struck by the craftsmanship of the shoes. Both what you can see (the stitching is impeccable, the lines clean, the leather flawless) and what you (or at least...
Paris? Already have reservations at the high end places we plan to try. But where can we walk-in and enjoy great food.
Thanks to you both. This is very helpful. I've never given any thought to casual clothing (despite giving a lot of thought to my professional wardrobe) so even this basic advice is quite helpful.
As the title suggests, I'm spending some time in Paris this summer. Typically, I'm either dressed up (think Edward Green cap toes) or dressed very down (think new balance sneakers). I'd like to pick up a couple of pairs of shoes I could wear walking through Paris during the day that will be comfortable but not as slovenly as my tennis shoes. Any additional thoughts would be much appreciated.
Yep. Definitely a button down, with the button hidden.
note quite. depends on the price point. the $1500+ ones are. the $800 are either C&J or AS
The made in Italy Ralph Lauren are not great. But at 50% off they are fine. Same with those Testoni's. The two shoes appear to be of similar quality so just get what you like more, unless there's substantial price difference.
That's not a tie, i'd sell. looks great on you.
where are you located?
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