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The taste and burn of the cigar depends on the conditions it was stored in. A humidor is designed to keep cigars fresh enough to be a great smoke. I suggest you in case you don t have one, buy one as I did it. I keep My Montecristo solocigars to avoid them to dry out, in my humidor, I recommend you to keep yours too in the same way and dont forget that a cigar that has dried out, is not as good as a fresh one
Has been a cuban cigars smoker since 4 years ago and finally after many disappoinments, found an easy and confortable way to get on line real cuban cigars as my brother in law did it last month at solocigars. Now ready to enjoy in my family and friends company
Has been a real Habanos smoker since 7 years ago and with the passage of the time, has become a greater pleasure because of the knowledge and enjoyment of unforgettable moments with my family and friends in the Cuban Cigars Smokers Society.- Now here at Florida, I get real Cuban cigars on the web or just placing an order by the phone, and this has been the completion to complete what gives me more pleasure. Let me know and share with me please, your...
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