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Bout time. It sucks if you watch it in real time cause they split their season up and bring back all sorts of odd ball characters that they reinsert into stories.   btw, Donna is  
I was going to post it a while ago, but thought better of it.  Now that the cuck has subsided a little bit I thought you might get a laugh of it.
Maybe it will come in the drunk thread?
Don't get too drunk or you'll delay #50,000.
Says the guy who routinely goes to Thailand or wherever.  Because that's real close to NYC.
No way.  He gets all his information from StyFo
Ok, so whats with the weighting system?  You can Strongly Agree but with little confidence?  And how can No Opinion have 0% when two of the first four did not answer?
The comments are priceless.
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