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Thanks Charlie, I found that code and ordered 2 belts last night! Cheers, Chris
Charlie. New customer here. The positive comments have convinced me to order 2 belts tonight. Are there any SF specials going on? I'll probably be getting a West End and a Mayfair. Thanks Chris
I thought it was sold and out the door?
Thanks much. So I would have to decrease the neck to shoulder length and then increase the sleeve length to accommodate? How much would you say? And the other suggestion is to close the arm hole a bit? How does it look across the chest? Thanks.
I have received my first Modern Tailor custom shirt. I modeled it after an off the rack shirt that first fairly well. Can I get a few opinions as to where I should further tinker? These pics are taken after 2 washings. Please excuse the mirrors that are somewhat in the way. Also, this shirt is all cotton, but is of a horrid pattern which I didn't see when ordering (my fault). Just didn't want you guys to think I like the diamonds. Thanks in advance.
Price Drop to $220 shipped.
Here are the pics of the 7 pairs of Ferragamo. I took 2 closeups of the least best condition (see some surface cracking on the top of the dress cap toes, and one place where the other pair of cap toes need sole glueing- this is why I'd put there as "GC"). I try to be as descriptive as possible (my Ebay username is "mayan50" if you want to check out my feedback. I also has 3 other pair that I was going to post separately. Same size (10 D). A pair...
I have 7 pairs of used Salvatore Ferragamo mostly Studio model shoes all of them in size 10 D. Looking to sell them all as a single package. 1. Black monk strap 2. Brown monk strap 3. Black captoe 4. Black captoe 5. Casual black oxford 6. Black Gancini loafer 7. Brown sandals I will provide pics to interested buyers upon request, but consider them fairly well used. #1, #2, #6 and #7 I would describe as VGC, #3, #4, #5 are in GC. Asking $250 total shipped in...
Here are additional details on the first 5 pair, working my way through the others: Designer\tModel\tWaist Length\t Front\tCuffed?\tColor Zanella\tAustin\t35\t33 (+1.5 cuff)\tPleated\tYes\tBlack, houndstooth Zanella\tBennett\t36\t28 (+1.5 cuff)\tPleated\tYes\tCharcoal, houndstooth Zanella\tBennett\t36\t28 (+1.5 cuff)\tPleated\tYes\tLight Gray, check Zanella\tBenny\t36\t29 (+2)\t Flat\tNo\tNavy Blue w/blue & gray...
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