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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Quite frankly, I find this thread and the one questioning door opening etiquette to be more disgusting than any of the gay threads I've been involved in. Ugh. Sounds like it's a good thing I never opened that one...
Just thought I'd leave a heads up that I'm not going to be around for a while. I will be vacating my house this week - indeed, this post is to some degree just another attempt to avoid the drudgery of packing up two year's worth of one's life and a lifetime of one's worldly possessions - and moving up the coast into my fiancee's flat. Then it's some me time: I'm going with my future father-in-law to Vienna for a week, which will include both of us being measured for our...
EG: don't remember. 2002 maybe? JL: Still haven't crossed that particular bridge. Vass: Probably a week from now. As for others: Ferragamo Tramezza: A while ago. I can't pinpoint exactly. Late 1990s I think. Weston: 1995 Ludwig Reiter: 1997 or 1998 Georg Materna: 2001 Alden: 1996 AE: 2005 RM Williams: 2006 Lattanzi (Jil Sander): 2001 I think but it might have been late 1990s. Grenson MP (Bennie's): 2006 Mantellassi: 2003 I think
Harrod's has some single link cuffs in their house brand usually. They claim English manufacture but are only on about T&A's level. I own one in white. Neimans will generally carry single link cuff shirts from the Swedish brand Eton in a few colors as well. They're not great and I wouldn't buy them at MSRP. At NMLC outlets they can drop to the $20 range, at which point if they fit you well it's a no brainer.
Is this question one that really needs to be asked of a gentleman? There is some cultural variation - I found when I was living in Germany that German girls prefer to pay on their own, without any apparent crimping of after-dinner activities, though it still made me uncomfortable - but in general I think it's unbecoming to even ask the question.
Three I think. One pair of Ludwig Reiter Budapester in whatever they call whiskey, one pair of Alden captoes in whiskey, one pair of Alden derbies in the more traditional reddish hue. I had seven at one point, but a suitcase containing 4 Alden shell cordovan shoes disappeared at an airport (along with some decent suits and indifferent shirts).
For me, it's loden, all shades of brown, and burgundy. I haven't seen a moleskin in any other color that I've liked.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Seems like Jaguar has decided to clone other cars starting with the XK series. Jag XK: Aston DB9: To me, the only appeal of a Jag was in their designs. Now they can`t even design their own cars. Someone else might know better, but my understanding with that one is that the basic design was Jaguar's first, with their "F-type" concept. (Or maybe it was just a drawing in Car.) Then Ford gave it...
My two favorites are Rindt and Moss. I think it's odd nobody's mentioned the obvious three: Fangio, Ascari, Nuvolari.
The grille is very Buick-y.
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