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Has anyone seen what's on sale? Any reports?
Thx very much. I am somewhat familar with Caruso's own brand and some of the stuff they make for Boggi - tips for stuff they make for other Italian retailers worth seeking out would be very welcome. When you say 1.2K - that is in euros?
Ok, given the deafening response, I'll broaden it - what would one expect to pay for a Caruso or MACO suit in Italy?
Bump - anyone been at all? Anyone have thoughts on any differences between Maco Caruso and the other lines - previous threads on the topic are a little old...
Has anyone visited the Caruso factory shop in Soragna recently? I am visiting nearby next month and wondering what I can expect in terms of selection and pricing?
Thx. What about Caruso made suits under other labels?
Bump? Anyone have any ideas?
I am looking for a pair of chestnut or tan full brogues, and am trying to avoid the financial pinch of a pair of C&Js. So far my research has thrown up a couple of options. Cheaney Arthur IIIs - (255 UKP) or Cheaney Maidstones - same money... or Shipton and Henage...
Thanks very much. I'm taking the plunge...
Anyone able to tell if these are C&J? Any idea about the last?,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00001_Color=BRWN&contentpos=3&cgid=1601
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