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I'm trying again on this - any ideas? Or other ideas for Italian RTW suits in London?
Thanks for this - Bond St. or all over? And can you give a sense of the cost of a suit?
That is great news - can I ask how much of the range Fenwick will carry? Any idea of price point for jackets/suits? What about timing of arrival?
Bumping this. Save for Trunk, is there any Caruso to be had in the UK?
Has anyone seen what's on sale? Any reports?
Thx very much. I am somewhat familar with Caruso's own brand and some of the stuff they make for Boggi - tips for stuff they make for other Italian retailers worth seeking out would be very welcome. When you say 1.2K - that is in euros?
Ok, given the deafening response, I'll broaden it - what would one expect to pay for a Caruso or MACO suit in Italy?
Bump - anyone been at all? Anyone have thoughts on any differences between Maco Caruso and the other lines - previous threads on the topic are a little old...
Has anyone visited the Caruso factory shop in Soragna recently? I am visiting nearby next month and wondering what I can expect in terms of selection and pricing?
Thx. What about Caruso made suits under other labels?
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