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Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre The more that i think about it, the more i think something might be wrong that i havent realized, but other people have. I have a high IQ but have done pretty poorly throughout school. I find i have an extremely hard time concentrating on anything school related, and that reading is sometimes difficult. I dont know if its the subject matter im reading right now (integral calculus), but i find myself rereading...
We bought two -- one as a gift, one for ourselves. Fortunately, we audited it before giving the gift: we hated it -- way too modern for us. We ended up returning the unopened 'gift' copy, but unfortunately, we're stuck with ours.
I'm guessing you're outside the U.S., so you might want to ask people in your industry and location, but having reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates stateside, I'd guess that the reference probably wouldn't hurt and may help. But unless it's a major amateur tournament that would be recognized by a layman (i.e. The Golden Gloves here in the U.S.), I would suggest leaving it at 'competitive amateur boxer' -- anything more might come off as...
Awww, had I known, I would have worn something green today! But as it turns out, I'm rocking a brown theme today, which is more authentically 'earthy' anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Either way, I don't think someone chooses this "lifestyle". +1. I give rarely, for all the usual rationales plus some other more neurotic ones, but if I'm honest with myself, I know that I should do it more.
I was interested in sending perfume overseas as a gift, but USPS and FexEx apparently forbid it outright because it's flammable. UPS might allow it but I'd have to contact the manufacturer for a 'Material Safety Data Sheet' indicating the specific alcohol content of the item in question so UPS can assess whether it's within guidelines. No way I'm going through all that for a bottle of perfume. What do people do to (legally) send perfume overseas? Are there any options?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Just so you know, I don't fight people over Jenny, I kill people over Jenny. Next time I see her in the 'hood, I'll be sure to avert my eyes so as not to defile her with my lustful gaze. Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta what is she? She's at least as white as Halle Berry, who, if I'm not mistaken, I also saw earlier.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Yep. I mentioned Kanye West's song, The Good Life, and how it meant something very different from our class w/ the same name. These two guys said they'd write a version inspired by class and film a video. I thought it was very good. They might have used different locations and tossed books out instead of bills at the end, but I was really pleased by their effort. Aha. Nice job, though if they had managed to...
wi-fi locations house cleaner house of ill repute
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/21/sp...hp&oref=slogin Avoids the Kournicova Curse!
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