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Quote: There has been much speculation in the media about who was on Palfrey's client list, but few details came out during the trial. Perhaps she was writing a book. Suicide? Or not?
Quote: Originally Posted by aybojs The point was that any actual problem with bias is mostly fictitious and overstated, and that the stylistic changes I mentioned don't really affect the question in any substantive way other than giving a warm and fuzzy feeling to the usual PC types who can validated by seeing every niche group represented. So, it's a win/win!
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe Let me re-phrase....."his right to express his opinion". Admit it, you did some polling before deciding to clarify.
please tell me you mean "respect his right to express his opinions"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Can Wright get his own forum, I'm really starting to think people are scared of bumping old threads. How many "Wright/Obama" Wright sinks the Obamadenburg!" "Wright is back with a vengeance, hide the children" thread can they be. Yeah, an election subforum would be kewl. Though there is already a Dumb Threads subforum.
"Wow, he let me down. I thought he was better than that. I'm really, really disappointed. Oh, well, you live, you learn. But who the hell am I supposed to vote for now? I'm so jaded...." Really -- not hard, and nothing less than honorable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I remember reading an essay several years ago that discussed the correlation between raw intelligence as measured by IQ and achievement and leadership. The author's contention which he supported with research was that there was a fairly low correlation between high intelligence (genius level) and being a good leader. He said that an important element of being a good leader was quickly selecting a course of...
Depends on the situation -- if you're sharing as a favor (e.g., it's raining and you rightfully caught the cab first, but you're letting him ride along so he doesn't get soaked), then it's reasonable (if a tad mercenary) to expect him to pay the full fare to his destination if he gets out first. On the other hand, if it's an attractive woman, well, use your own judgement.
No reason it isn't perfectly workable, as long it's dealt with. If one party is nursing some unexpressed desire, yeah that might make things considerably more difficult, but still not impossible. Depends on a lot of factors: individual personalities, how long you've known each other, how close you are, whether one or both is already in a relationship, yadda-yadda...
New Posts  All Forums: