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Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Yep. I mentioned Kanye West's song, The Good Life, and how it meant something very different from our class w/ the same name. These two guys said they'd write a version inspired by class and film a video. I thought it was very good. They might have used different locations and tossed books out instead of bills at the end, but I was really pleased by their effort. Aha. Nice job, though if they had managed to...
wi-fi locations house cleaner house of ill repute
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/21/sp...hp&oref=slogin Avoids the Kournicova Curse!
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Rewinding your cassettes with a pencil to save the batteries in your Walkman (might've been just me) Ha! Yes. Not just you. The real, original Coke. Imagining what your favorite actress would look like nekkid. Mail-in film processing (anyone ever use Clark Color Labs?) 110 and 126 format cameras
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface No, although I grew up around people who had/have unwavering anger issues. I am very mellow now, and it takes a lot to incite my rage. Although, sometimes I feel losing that part of me has negatively affected who I have become. I'm not sure this is what you mean, but I still struggle with how to maintain my high (but perfectly reasonable) expectations of people, yet not get pissed off beyond rationality...
Hand-crank car windows Bankbooks Trick-Or-Treating for Unicef (I guess Angelina and Madonna have it covered now) Serving peanut butter to kids without a second thought... Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor the dingdong bell that said the scissors and knife sharpener was here. That still goes on some places... like Brooklyn.
Are these students of yours?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Hmmmmmm, which phrase doesn't belong in this sequence? I think this is a reference to young women's affection for shaving their nether regions bald these days. Some young'uns see bush and their eyes widen in horror: "what... is... THAT?!?!?".
Coleco football. The general capacity for being awed by technology. Writing out research papers in longhand; editing with crossouts, margin scribbles, arrows and various improvised symbols; and typing the final draft on paper with a bottle of 'white-out' close at hand. Office flirtation pre-Clarence Thomas.
"Uh... why are we throwing out boxes and boxes of perfectly good plastic coffee stirrers?" "Haven't you heard? The company's going green -- we're using the wooden ones now!" "So... instead of using them up, then throwing them out -- we're just... throwing them out?" "Don't you get it? They're bad for the environment!"
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