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Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus But do you go to church? Valid question. Plenty of atheists go to church. Some even get married in them.
Angela Basset: 50 this coming August Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube + a bazillion on Diane Lane And either of the Delaney sisters would get a thumbs-up from the Rube What other Delaney? Kim? Are they sisters? Edit: They are not. Is it she you were referring to?
I see your airbrush, and I raise you: Christie Brinkley at 54:
We need ages, fellas. Yes, I can google, but multi-tasking has its limits.
^Impressive rackage, but the poor dear's been photoshopped to within an inch of her life.
^I thought that sounded a bit more tasteful than "MILF Appreciation Thread" We begin with Ms. Jennifer Tilly at 49. Yep, you read correctly: 49. The 'poker' pun is just too easy -- must... resist...
I like the way I look. Sorry.
^The decades-old styling aside, I think she actually looks quite fetching in that pic.
She is the one actress who, if I ever met her, would make me embarrassingly star-struck.
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