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Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Depends on what you mean. If you mean explicit government policy, in some cases there is an explicit subsidy, and in others there is intent to move past a supposed market failure. As an example of the latter, if banks are biased to lend to people only with lots of assets , they may miss out on making good loans to people with steady incomes but low net worth. As there is often a racial component to who winds up in...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Everyone was making the assumption that house prices were only going to appreciate over the period of the loan. With that assumption, it does not matter whether the borrower can service the loan since he (or the lender) can always sell the house for a profit and refinance or repay. That central assumption was what drove the aggressive lending practices and borrowers to take the mortgages. Thanks. WTF? This...
Can someone back up and explain to me the logic of encouraging families to purchase homes they can't afford? Affordable housing (i.e., housing within one's means) seems a reasonable goal, but to whose benefit is it exactly to loan people money they can't afford to pay back? Was this actually supposed to work and yield some financially sound, practical benefit somehow? I just don't understand the basic concept.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Why do people insist on politicizing every-effing-thing? It's unneeded. It's an important part of what he was about. Why can't someone admire or deplore it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan On that path lies the way to madness. There are many distinctions that SF has taught me to appreciate without my even being tempted to alter my ingrained frugality. Armholes, though...
Has there been a good bio written? I know bits and pieces of his life, but I think a good biography of him would be a fantastic read.
It's so distressing that our process has boiled down to these two. It should have at least been Clinton v. Romney. On a less depressing front, Obama needs higher armholes, I think. Damn StyleForum, I never would have even recognized that tailoring distinction before, and now I am forced to merely tolerate most of my (100% RTW) jacket wardrobe.
Sad. I must watch "The Hustler" soon, the only PN film I own, and I've never even seen it all the way through. Not many old-school legends left now. Liz Taylor is the only one that comes to mind.
Heard on the usually professional NPR news this morning: "If this Hurricane is named Ike, should we call the Florida Keys 'Tina'?"
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