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Arnold's dodge is bizarre -- why wouldn't he say "I treat all women with respect and you should too"? Letters aren't sworn statements, are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Some UA pilots are saying that management blindsided them on this announcement. So they will now be less reluctant to chat with passengers, as they do not want to give away more for nothing in return. What a mess of a company. What in this announcement is not already part of their job? They're pissed because management reminded the public about a service they're already supposed to be providng? So now...
Thanks. Turns out, for a college student with no experience, they're promising him some pretty nice coin; plus, if it works out, he may well do this the next few summers too, so in light of that, $150 for Red Wings seems pretty reasonable. But I will let them know there may be cheaper options. Thanks to all.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrbojangles928 I do roofing and siding over the summers and winters and i find that my 20$ boots from Modell's work just fine. They are oil resistant but not steel toed, which for me is not really a concern given the type of work. In the summer when its real hot i often just wear some sort of higher topped tennis sneaker that is comfortable. It all depends on what type of construction you are doing. With no oil and little heavy...
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Thanks for the clarification. I always thought they were siblings. Illogically-founded fantasy, I guess. Rejoice -- it makes your threesome fantasies so much more wholesome and acceptable! Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Emmanuelle Beart Kristin Scott Thomas Saw her just last night in 'Angels and Insects' -- not a conventional beauty, but I've always found her...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel That women are looking very good into their 40s and beyond is unsurprising, given that people are much more conscientious about diet and exercise than in days of yore. However, I think we are overlooking the biggest contributor to keeping them hot--cosmetic surgery. For instance, in the case of Christie Brinkley, I am quite convinced that no woman age 54 can look that hot and youthful without having considerable "work...
Thanks a lot for the feedback so far. Are Red Wings generally a pretty common and easy to find brand?
A colleague's son needs boots for his upcoming summer construction job -- anyone know where to get professional-grade safety boots in the NYC area? Are most Timberlands professional-grade, or are they just fashion workboots?
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